Chapter 13 - The Long Wait

Helen beside a bed mopping Rachel’s brow then rinsing the cloth in a bowl of water. A police woman walked in then sat beside her.

“Has there been any change?”

“No, she’s still out cold.”

“I’ve called a doctor to check her.”

Helen glared then tried to explain in simple terms. “She doesn’t need a doctor, she’ll wake up. Anyway: she doesn’t have a heartbeat.”

“No heartbeat? So she’s dead?”

“Well technically. She doesn’t breathe anyway.”

“But… I’m confused.” The Policewoman said, sinking into the chair. The gun fell to the floor then she picked it up. “Sorry. What happened out there anyway?”

“Georgina did, she’s meant to be dead though.”

“Like her?”

“No, I knew Rachel was alive in a way.”

“Well the detective will be here soon anyway.” They lapsed into silence as Rachel lay non moving on the bed.


“So Honey, how are you?” Georgina asked as she walked in, her interest in the book she was reading. It was thinner than the last but remained without identifiers. Honey walked up from behind, careful to make no noise. She raised a pipe then lowered it in Georgina’s direction. Honey stepped back then cowered. Georgina was now holding the pipe while still reading. “Angry as usual I see. Well just settle down, Rachel isn’t moving for a while. Who knows? You may get to like me.” Georgina said then tucked the pipe under her arm and walked to the door. “How did you get a silver pipe anyway? Don’t worry, I’m not interested.” She yelled the last part as she the doors closed.

“What did you do to Rachel? Is she okay?” Honey yelled then hit the door with her fists. “Let me out of here! I’m bored!”

“So am I.” Georgina said from behind her. The pipe was now gone. “How do you think I feel? Normally I’d be causing trouble. Instead I have to read while baby sitting you.” Georgina shut the book with an echoing snap then looked straight to Honey. “Eyes. There’s something about the eyes.” She said then smiled. “Thanks for the chat.” She disappeared. Honey looked around then sat by the doorway, waiting for it to open. She rested against it, hoping to fall out surprising Georgina then run away.  Honey looked around the plain room then sighed and began to cry again. She couldn’t lose hope but it felt so useless to believe in anything now.


“Ah you again. Hello Mrs Marlow. How are you? I‘m Detective Markham.”

“I’m worried and how do you know me?”

“I’ve been following Miss Watkins very closely after the incident with the house. She spends most time with you it seems.” He sat on the opposite side then looked to Rachel. “She looks dead.” The police woman went to speak but he continued. “There was a Doctor, he said she was dead as a doornail, though not that exact phrase otherwise he wouldn’t be very popular. She jumped up and he said he made a mistake: either the pulse was weak or he couldn’t tell it.” He chuckled. “She doesn’t breathe though. I notice these things you know?”

“You say you’ve been following her, have you met a girl who is about 25?”

“The one who randomly appears then disappears? No, but I’ve seen her. She just ups and leaves as soon as I try to approach, almost as if she’s avoiding me. Obviously she’s heard of my talent and reputation.”

“She doesn’t need you so she doesn’t want to get involved or she’ll kill unnecessarily. She’s very tactful.” Helen explained. “She also has a lot more power and knowledge than I know of. Could it have increased over the years?”

“Yes, out of practise and use no doubt.” Helen nodded then Rachel turned and gasped in pain.

“Rachel!” Helen yelled then pushed Rachel’s shoulder down. “Rachel what’s happening?” She asked but Rachel only moaned in pain. A deep cut appeared on her arm. Detective Markham jumped up then looked around.


Honey waited, listening to the crack in the door. Georgina spoke to someone who had a low voice. They began to walk off so she sighed then leant against the door waiting. It had been 2 hours without her teasing or mocking her, she didn’t even bring up what happened to Rachel. She was suddenly thrown backwards from the door. Georgina was standing beside her then she opened her book to ¾ of the way.

“Why do you listen and always try to leave?” She asked. Honey ran up to her then held up her fist. Georgina grabbed it then spun Honey around, slamming her onto the ground. Honey screamed as a sword appeared and cut her forearm. Blood began to drip then slowly pull back but Georgina had turned away. “You know: you’re becoming trouble.” She sad then sat in her chair. “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to kill you. My arm is healed.”

“Hmm that’s what it appears. Looks like Rachel will do anything to help you.”

Honey stopped then stepped back. “What?”

“Oh yes, she’s taking your wounds. She can heal but you can’t. She feels she can only save you in her weakened state this way. You aren’t in pain but she is. You aren’t hurt, she is.”

Honey fell to the floor. “Weakened state?”

“Yes, I took most of her power away so she’s only just alive.”

Honey began to cry. “She will stay with me throughout. She will survive.”

Georgina chuckled. “I wouldn’t be too sure of that young Honey. She has 5 hours if she wakes.”

“She will wake.” 

The End

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