Chapter 12 - Horror and Some Assistance

Honey woke up a while later then yawned and stretched. Her hand hit the bars above her so she recoiled and rubbed it. Georgina, her book and the chair was nowhere to be seen. Honey reached out and didn’t feel the bars so she moved forward. When she didn’t meet resistance she ran to the door. There were no handles, just a solid brick wall in the place of the door. She thumped the door with her fists then looked around. A big yellow flower was where the cage had originally been. It suddenly wilted and fell to the floor. The wilted flower then began to bubble and turn into a black liquid which gathered in a large pool and grew into a black obelisk. Honey walked up to it then, as she placed her hand on the object it showed a scary face approaching quickly. Honey stepped back, falling onto the floor then shuffled back covering her eyes with her arm and screaming.

“You know, if it were up to me, I’d have you killed here and now.” Everything had gone now and Georgina was sat in the corner reading again.

Honey gasped then stood up. “What happened? Was that you?”

“Possibly. I can do that.” She replied then looked up. “You look frightened.”

Honey began to cry. “I want to go home!” She yelled. Georgina just smiled and continued reading.

NP Rachel and Helen walked into a hotel. Helen walked up to the desk then looked to the receptionist. The person was listening to loud music and writing down. She pressed the bell to the side but the receptionist didnt react. Rachel stepped up then tapped the desk once and very lightly. The receptionist jumped and her chair wheeled back. She fell onto the floor, her headphones being pulled out of her ear and the loud music echoing out.

What? What is it? Whyd you do that? A thick polish accent came out of the womans mouth.

We wanted assistance but as you were busy we couldnt get any. Rachel leant over then took the piece of paper. I see, letter to an ex? What do you think?” Rachel passed it to Helen.

I cant read it. Its in…”

Polish yes. But you can tell by the harshness of the writing, its indented on the back, that she was angry. Also they are very short sentences, possibly threats and the writing is scruffy, written quickly.Rachel explained.

The receptionist blushed. How did you know that?

Im a god. Rachel said. Now, the matter we need to discuss is urgent. I need to find a girl.Rachel first described Honey then Georgina and explained the situation, slowly and precisely.

I saw them walk past 4 hours earlier. They headed up to the big house. The woman explained, just as slow. The young girl was unconscious and being carried by the older girl.

Thank you dear lady. You spelt 17 words wrong.Rachel said as she passed the paper back. The receptionist instantly scanned the letter as they walked out.

NPThe big house huh? Helen asked as she looked to Rachel. Rachel was walking forwards with her head high and yes focused ahead. You think theyre in there?

There is some sort of presence in the house but I cannot be too sure, it is masked by something.


I dont know, I dont know the extent of her power. She said then stopped. I know shes around though, there is a disturbance.

Ooh a disturbance(!). Georgina said from beside her. You mean: a change of power in a certain section signifying the presence of a higher power or one that is equal. In this case: higher. Rachel sighed. Helen walked up briskly. What do you want?

Give me back my daughter! She yelled then went to slap her but Georgina grabbed Helens arm, twisted it and bent it against her back. Ow let go.

No, Ill need more reasons if Im to get her bad side.Rachel glared then sent some fire towards the two. The fire surrounded Georgina causing her to let go and step back. Once Helen was free the fire receded.

You hate fire, you have a fear of it.

Wouldnt you if you were being burnt alive? Georgina snapped. She looked around then smiled again and walked to Rachel, pushing Helen to the ground. Helen hit the wall then fell and held her head with one hand. I hate to waste time. Therefore: I give you 5 hours. Find Honey or die. She spun on one foot then looked around. That didnt work. Rachel giggled. What have you done?Georgina asked then clapped her hands together. Rachel fell to the floor, her head feeling as if it were contracting.

"What are you doing to her?"

"Blocking her power, it's the only thing stopping her pain and keepign her alive." Rachel fell down, weak and trying to move though still in pain. "Stubborn little thing. Maybe you should..." Helen whacked Georgina around the head with a metal pipe. Georgina grabbed her by the throat then stumbled back. 5 bullets were shot into her chest. Helen was released and fell to the ground. Rachel was unconscious but two police officers remained with their guns pointing to Georgina.

Helen ran to Rachel, saying thank you to the officers, then dragged her to the other side.

Georgina said then stamped her foot down. The earth shook and a crack appeared around the officers. The police officers were pulled down into the opening, screams echoed around the are.. The ground closed then Georgina disappeared. A car pulled up.

"I'm glad I came here now. Are you okay? What happened? Tell me all." The man from Central said then helped them into the car and drove off.

The End

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