Chapter 11 - The Search Begins

Rachel remained sat on the bed, thinking about this new character in her life - Georgina. Georgina was powerful, more so than her, and was holding Honey prisoner. Was Honey going to be okay? Rachel sighed. How could she tell Helen she managed to lose Honey to a mad person. Rachel looked up as the door was opened.

"Rachel! Rachel I'm so sorry. Where's Honey?" Helen asked looking around.

A girl arrived, she said she had been the first to be experimented on 5 years ago, she took Honey.” Rachel explained.

Helen sat on the other bed then sniffed. Georgina yes? Rachel nodded. 5 years ago, when we originally started, nothing worked. We thought so anyway. Georgina killed the others.

She told me. She also said I blocked her?

Yes, she couldnt kill you.

She thought I was stronger but I apparently have less power inside me.

Helen nodded. We originally out 100% power in but after the deaths we kept decreasing it. You only have 10%. It doesnt help us explain how you survived.

Could she have gotten tired?

No. They remained in silence. Wheres Honey?

Georgina took her, she made a deal with me. If I find her Honey is returned to me.

And if you dont?Helen asked, scared of the answer.

I die and Honey remains with her.

Helen sighed. Then lets get searching.

Rachel nodded then picked up Honeys things. Well need to keep these safe for her. And this. She took the crystal figure. Though Georgina managed to destroy it.Helen patted Rachel on the shoulder then led her out.

NP  Honey woke up in a plain white room. The floor, wall, ceiling and furniture was white. Honey stood then walked forwards. She hit her head on something then fell to the floor.

"Oh yeah: careful of the bars." Georgina said walking in, bringing in: red, black and green in one go just by clothing. "They are white loike the room so youmay not see them." Honey pulled her knees to her chest then began to cry. "Again? Is that all you do?" Georgina asked as she sat on a white tub chair. She crossed her legs then turned a page of a book. "Not that i care. It's just annoying."

Why are you so mean to me and Rachel? ?What did we ever do to you?

Rachel: succeeded in stopping me killing her. You: well its convenient to use you to bait her here.Georgina said then turned another page.

Why do you want to kill her?

Only one can have the power of god. That happens to be me as I have more power. Shes a weakling who fluked and managed to stay alive.Georgina snapped.

But why kill her? Why not just take her powers and let her stay human?

You really are smarter than you look Honey. She stood up and knelt in front of the cage. Honey sniffed then looked up as the shadow fell over her. Listen closely: She said as if they were in a crowded room and passing on top secret information. Georgina scooted closer then sat. I have infinite knowledge, therefore difficult calculations to you, which may take a few hours, only take a few seconds for me as they are easy. I worked out that the probability Rachel becomes fully human without god like powers is slim. I have to kill her.She smiled then continued reading the book. The books cover was white with no sign showing of what it was.

What book is that?

101 ways to successfully poison someone. Ha, no I already know how to do that. Its called: Wulf. She smiled then returned to the seat. Now be silent, I like this part.” Honey sniffed then put her head to her knees.

NP Rachel and Helen were in the car, driving towards a large Cathedral.

"Why are we going to a church? Are we praying for help?"

No, we are going to Central.Helen parked up then walked to the door and knocked.

Who is it?A deep voice asked.

Helen Marlow.


Yes again.Helen said losing patience.

Come on in. The door opened then a short man looked up. What?Rachel shook her head then as the man shut the door Helen walked up to a desk.

Rachel walked beside her but looked around. This is Central?

Yep, hidden in plain site. No-one enters unless they know about this place.

Helen waited at the foot of the stairs before the desk.

Not rushing in now? Have you learnt?The man asked, not looking up.

No Im not rushing, though I do need help and quickly. My daughter, Honey, has been taken by Georgina. I need to find her.

Why not ask that girl who was with her? That god person?

Because Georgina is also a god, with a lot more power inside her. Rachel doesnt stand a chance.

Anyway, if I cant beat her I definitely cant find her.Rachel said and pocketed her hands. The man looked up and blinked then removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes. He replaced the glasses then looked beside Helen.

You didnt use 100% on this girl?

No Sir, we steadily decreased it over the years.

The man nodded. "Take a seat.

Where?Rachel asked. The man chuckled then looked back to his paper.

The End

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