Chapter 10.2 - Ransom

Rachel got to the door then tried to open it. It was locked from inside. She banged on the door.
“Georgina! Don’t hurt Honey!” Rachel yelled then stepped back. “What do I do?” She asked then looked to the door and glared. She felt anger pulse throughout her body then she touched the door. It set alight and burnt into dust. Rachel gasped. It was an empty room, nothing was in it. She stepped back then looked around. “Honey! Where are you? Please answer me.” She went to another door, again the same as last room. This happened 6 times in a row. “Honey! Don’t trust her! Please hear me.” Rachel begged silently then tried the remaining doors. 5 doors later and Rachel found a door that led to another corridor. She found 3 of these doors and corridors. Rachel fell to the floor crying. “She’s won. I’m so sorry Honey.”

NP Honey laughed at a shape made of fire as it battled an ice figure. She clapped as they both disappeared.“That's so cool. Will Rach..."

"Stop talking about her! She is nothing, Honey, she will always be weaker and more stupid than me. Understood?"

Honey looked sad then nodded fearfully. "I'm sorry."

Georgina sighed. “I guess I am a bit angry lately. If only she had died, I wouldn’t have to resort to this." Georgina grabbed Honey by the wrist then made them both disappear.

NP Rachel ran to the only door left then burnt it down. The door took longer as Rachel was tired and had used a lot of power. "Please." She whispered. The two beds and the crystal figurine were in the room laong with the tables and TV. "Honey!" She yelled then checked the bathroom. "Honey where are you? Please talk to me."

"Honey, Honey(!)" Someone said sarcastically from behind her. Rachel spun around.

“You! Where is she? How'd you do that thing with the doors? Whya re you so powerful?"

Georgina was looking to her nails. “Finished yet? Good. I am powerful becuase i've had 5 years to practice. I was originally strong. The decreased the power gradually as they thought that was the cause of the deaths. You're weaker than me." She said matter-of-factly. "Honey is safe, that is all that is important. I'll make a deal with you: You try to find Honey. If you do, Honey will be released back to you. If you don't and give up: she will be forced to remain with me with you dead and being burnt but with no shields to protect you. Understand?"

Rachel had sat down and looked to the floor. "I have less power in me?"

“Yes, they decreased the dose. My friend, Richard Whiteman, gave me the files to study. When you killed him I had to give the file to Justin Henderson so he could give them back."

“That was all you? You destroyed their family."

Georgina nodded then leant close to her. "Did you like the bomb?" She chuckled then disappeared again. Rachel leant forward and intertwined her fingers. This Georgina was a vicious person and was now threatening Honey.

The End

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