Chapter 10.1 - Introductions and Confrontations

Honey and Rachel were asleep that night, Rachel had fallen asleep instantly as she hadnt slept for a while. Honey was curled up beside her and had gradually fallen asleep after crying. A figure leant against a wall beside a plain clock. They wore a hooded cloak with the hood up so the little light from the window was blocked from highlighting their face. Rachel moaned in pain then Honey stretched out and relaxed. The figure chuckled. Rachel sat up and looked around. The streetlight made the TV and little table difficult to identify.

Whos there?” Rachel whispered.

Im glad its you, if it were the little one Id be disappointed in science.” The figure said.

Whos there? Tell me who you are.

I am the first experiment, the one you were part of. The figure stepped to the centre then removed the hood. Amazing, your eye truly is unique. Is it a hindrance?

Rachel subconsciously placed a hand over her right eye. The figure chuckled then picked up the crystal figurine of the three people. Dont…” The figurine crumbled into dust as she flattened her hand and rested it upon it. Why did you do that? Rachel asked, standing and glaring. The figure chuckled then remade it exactly as it had been. How how did you do that? What do you mean first experiment? Who are you?” Rachel asked, trying not to wake Honey.

I am Georgina. I was 25 and will remain so. I was first selected for the God-Maker experiment, at the time they thought maturity would help. I was believed to be dead but I woke early and used the powers to try and protect myself. Unfortunately I had too little powers at that time. She flexed her right arm. I survived and I made sure everyone else died. They became mutated and mad I had to kill them. I succeeded until I met you. You blocked my ability to kill, you reversed the effect while you were out cold. How could you do that? You were weaker than me. I shall always be stronger. Georgina said then pushed the air in front of her. Rachel was thrown through the window. Georgina jumped and followed her down. How did you stop me? Im stronger.

Why are you attacking me?Rachel asked then crossed her arms. She landed on her feet then ran. Georgina landed just to the left of where Rachel landed.

Georgina smiled. Running away? Use your powers! She yelled then sent fire towards her. Rachel held out a hand and blocked the fire from hurting her. Dont want to fight huh? What about the little one?Georgina disappeared. Rachel glared then ran towards the hotel, wondering how she managed to just vanish.

NP Honey remained asleep, the sudden noises hadn’t disturbed her. The crystal figurine floated towards her and tapped Honey’s nose softly. “Huh?” Honey sat up then took it in her hand. “Rachel?” Georgina chuckled then sat on the edge of the bed.

“Rachel had to step out for a breath of air. She asked me to look after you, is that okay?”

“Yeah sure.” Honey said then looked to the window. It slowly fixed, the wood remade itself and the glass replaced the different shards as if it were a puzzle. “Is that you doing that?” Honey asked impressed.

“Yes, I can do lots of things similar to that. Some things that are even better.”

Honey smiled. “That’s so cool. Can Rachel do that?”

“Not yet, I fear she may become stronger though.” Georgina looked out of the window sadly. “I shall not let it ruin me though. I shall remain strong.”

Honey giggled. “You speak funny.”

“Sorry my dear. Rachel never told me your name.”


“How sweet, just like yourself.” Honey smiled then placed the figurine on the table between beds.

The End

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