Chapter 9 - A Return and Explanations

Helen drove to an area of the countryside, it was quiet and no noise, except birds and wind rustling through trees, was present. She sighed then looked around. She was alone. It was only now the reality sunk in. Her husband had gone, and she had parted with words of anger. Her daughter had given up on her and Rachel... well Rachel remained the same. The two she had left had... abandoned her. Honey wouldn't suffer, not with Rachel looking after her. Rachel could be caring and had the power to protect her. Helen gasped. What if Rachel had that pain? What if she faints? What if Honey is left alone?

Will you stop panicking? Helen fell off the bench at the sudden voice. Rachel wont experience pain unless she doesnt use her powers.


Even then, The girl continued, ignoring the scientist sat on the floor. She will learn how to control the pain.

But you died. We burnt you.Helen said, now sitting back on the bench.

Yes. The girl said, flexing her right arm. I remember it well. She turned and smiled. But I choose not to dwell on the past.

How can you be alive? Are the others?

No. I made sure the others died instead of become horrendous mutations. I saw it once. The girl said then continued quietly: I was overseeing the burning. Your chum left and this body left. The limbs were misplaced and I darent think about the horrible mutations that happened. She turned her head to the side. I made sure they all died but the recent one, the last one - Rachel. Shes different than them, than me.

You havent changed in looks or actions.

No, I dont. I never age. Neither will Rachel. This is the curse that comes with the power. Helen sighed and looked to the floor. I made all your experiments fail to make you notice this. Rachel - that girl - she blocked my power, she stopped me killing her.

I dont understand. The girl chuckled then stood, her right hand slipping into her pocket. She waved then vanished. Georgina? Helen stood then smiled. Im sorry I caused you so much trouble.She walked to her car with newfound determination.

NP Rachel and Honey were situated in a hotel, they shared a room together and Rachel allowed Honey to have the shower first. Honey had been upset, she felt she had lost both parents in one go and one had been her fault. Rachel sat on the edge of a single bed and looked to the floor. It was a quiet area, far away from the village, Rachel took Honey with her on the motorbike that hadn‘t been reported stolen or missing. Honey walked out drying her hair.

Your go. Honey said then walked up to Rachel. Rachel? Rachel remained staring at the ground. Boo!

Rachel blinked then looked up. Sorry, Im a bit tired I guess. She stood then patted her shoulder. Ill be quick. When Rachel entered the bathroom pain soared throughout her body. She fell to the floor and clutched her head. Not again. Why does this happen? She hit the floor in anger, cracking it slightly. Her pain receded then she placed her hands either side of the crack. The floor fixed and she smiled. I have to use my powers to stop the pain? No. Thats a stupid idea. She stood and proceeded to have a shower as she didnt sense any danger.

NP Central was a large building disguised as a cathedral. The outside remained Church-like but the inside was a bright room lined with labs. The Cathedral was avoided by most people. Helen burst through the doors then ran to a desk at the very back.

Each experiment worked! She said slamming the paper down. Georgina was a girl of 25. We thought maturity would help but when she didnt wake and had no pulse so we had her burnt. Only she isnt burnt now. Well I think her arm is, maybe thats where the fire attacked but anyway she made sure none of the other times worked, she knew what would happen. Apparently something bad happened to each of them and she killed them, allowing the fire to kill them. She failed when it got to Rachel, Rachel stopped Georgina killing her thats why Rachel was alive, she had more power and could wake up. We automatically assumed they all died because there was no heart beat. Rachel hasnt got a heart beat! The experiments worked!Helen was breathing heavily. Everyone present, including the man behind the desk, watched her. She blushed in embarrassment as each pair of eyes were locked onto her.

Im so glad for you. Um but this Georgina…”

She stopped the burning, probably sent it to her right arm so she could survive.

I see. The man cleared his throat. Um right. Helen stepped back then smoothed down her shirt. So what now?

Now I need to apologise to my daughter and Rachel.” She turned and walked out, the man watching her in shock.

The End

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