Chapter 8 - Disaster

Rachel stepped on some broken glass then looked down. Glasses had smashed and scattered glass all over the area. There was a leak from the water pipe, it seemed to suffer most as the pipe was in smaller bits than the glass. Bricks were piled up on the laminate floor which had been cracked. Dust covered the surfaces and a strange red liquid was flowing from under a pile of rubble. Rachel stepped carefully then held her hands over the area. The bricks slowly lifted up and Richard became slightly visible, his face was covered in blood from an injury to his forehead and dust from the explosion. There were a few black smudges across his cheeks.

“Someone called…” His whispered. “…they said: get out. They wanted to warn Helen. Why? Why sacrifice Honey?”

“Remain still and quiet Richard.” Rachel ordered then looked around. She placed the bricks carefully down in a less affected area.

“Honey, is she…”

“She’s fine.” Rachel said then looked desperately around for a phone, tears were falling. She touched her cheek then brushed the tears away. “Where’s the phone?”

“I… it got crushed. Sorry. T…” He coughed. “Take Honey away from here.”

“I understand.” Richard smiled then closed his eyes. Rachel stood then stepped back and sighed. “I’m sorry.”

NP Honey was gathering the presents and belongings into the big box. She was crying. Rachel leant on the doorframe and looked to her. “Honey what’s wrong?”

“The ball broke.”

“Don’t worry. Just go… pack. It will take a while to sort all this out.” Honey nodded then walked up quickly. Rachel walked up to the sideboard. The pictures in the frames had fallen, the glass smashed and the photos ruined. Rachel picked up the crystal figurine, covered slightly in dust, then brushed it off. The figures remained together so she put it in the box as well as all the other stuff Honey had gained minutes ago. Honey walked down then held out a suitcase.

“All done.” She said. “What happened to dad?” Rachel shook her head then picked up the box and supported it with one hand.

“I have to care for you now.” She said then pulled Honey into a one arm hug as she cried.

“Who… did this?”

“I don’t know.” She replied then sat Honey on her suitcase. The neighbours had called the police, fire an ambulance. “Who’s trying to destroy me?” Rachel asked herself quietly.

NP Detective Markham walked up. “Always you isn’t it? Who’s trying to kill you?”

“I don’t know.” Rachel replied then Honey grabbed Rachel’s waist. “Are you okay? Oh.” The ambulance crew were pulling out Richards body. Rachel pulled Honey up then supported her with one arm. Honey buried her head in Rachel’s neck, Rachel noticed she was wearing the necklace. A car beeped then pulled up. Helen pushed open the door then ran over to them.

“Honey! Oh are you okay sweetie? What happened? Where’s Richard? Are you hurt?”

“Go away!” Honey yelled. Helen stopped and backed off, tears in her eyes. “They called to warn you!” Honey yelled then hid amongst Rachel’s neck again. Helen gasped then fell to her knees.

“Rachel, is it true?”

“Yes, there was a call from someone, they masked their voice. They warned you to leave but when Richard answered it… Why did you leave when it was Honey’s birthday?”

Helen bowed her head and sniffed. “He had… he had the papers and I needed them for Central. Where’s Richard?”

“He took the brunt of the explosion. It took all I had to save the rooms.”

Helen nodded. "I’m so sorry Honey.”

The End

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