Chapter 7 - Celebration and Destruction

Rachel was sat outside in the park while Honey played. Richard was at home cooking something for Honey but as it was a surprise Rachel had to keep her entertained and away from the house.

“Rachel! Swings!" Honey yelled. Rachel stood and walked over then began to push the seat carefully. Honey giggled. "Rachel where has mummy gone?"

Rachel smiled then continued to push carefully. Um shes at work. Trying to figure out stuff for an experiment she conducted.

She was a child prodigy you know?

“I dont know much about your mum.

Well she was a science prodigy and gained her certificate thingy when she was 12.

Interesting.” She said then gave a bigger push. Honey went higher then cheered.

Miss Watkins.

Rachel looked to her left then rolled her eyes. Detective Markham, whats the problem?

Its about the fire again. Oh um is this your child?

No, shes a friend. The detective smiled in greeting then cleared his throat.

I was wondering Miss Watkins, were your parents cooking anything?

I believe so. Did that cause the fire?

Yes. Thats what the fire crew said.The detective explained then stepped back. Honey went back and forth once again then jumped. Honeys foot caught. The detective blinked then looked to Rachel. so She had instantly gone to the front and managed to catch Honey before she hit the floor. He smiled to himself, making mental notes in his mind.

Are you okay? Honey nodded then allowed Rachel to free her foot and pull her up. Here you go. Next time have a bigger height okay?

Sure. Thanks.

Rachel nodded. Are we done?

The detective nodded then passed her a card. If you need to tell me anything.

He said then walked off.

Honey! Rachel! Richard was waving. Come on!

NP Honey pulled Rachel towards the house.

Daddy why were you in the house?

Surprising you: birthday girl.

Honey squealed. I forgot! Oh wow daddy, what did you do?

Honey ran in, Rachel was standing, frozen on the spot, just in front of the door.

Its Honeys birthday?

Yep, shes 8 today.

But she left, when why did she leave at this occasion?Rachel asked shocked.

Its not the first shes missed.

Come on dad. You too Rachel! Presents and cake. Cake. Cake. Honey sat on the sofa in front of a big pile of presents and a cake had been on the kitchen counter. What first? Presents? Or cake? Or cake then presents then cake? Rachel laughed then sat opposite. She closed her eyes, looked to the floor then took deep breaths. After a few minutes she looked up and Honey was opening presents. There was already a lamp, several CDs and a new top. There were two left. Rachel placed her hands together then slowly pulled them apart. A small box appeared and she placed it behind the big present. Richard nodded then thanked her silently. Honey opened the two presents: a set of hair objects and a disco ball with a dance mat. Theres another one.She said full of glee. She reached it then pulled the ribbon off and unwrapped it. Honey was made silent and she sat back.


Richard asked then walked up. In the small flat box was a necklace. On the necklace was a set of three different coloured flowers.

Wow, who gave me this?


Rachel looked up then smiled. “Is it alright?

Honey ran over and hugged her.

Thank you so much. Cake now daddy.

NP Rachel sat on the sofa, again not eating the cake. She was listening to everything: Honey and Richard talking about what she got and plans for the day, the nature outside even the neighbours conversations. She was also wandering why Helen had willingly gone when she knew it was Honeys birthday. Rachel was dragged into the private party by having to pin a piece of fabric in the correct position on a picture of a donkey. Rachel was blindfolded then she placed the fabric on a board. Honey clapped.

Yay! Well done Rachel.

Rachel pulled off the blindfold. I won?

Well you go the tail on the donkey. Rachel smiled then sat back down. Hang on. The phone had begun to ring so Honey sat beside Rachel. Hello? What do you mean get out? What? Who is this?

NP Rachel suddenly gasped then grabbed Honey and covered her. Using her body as a shield, Rachel blocked the rubble from an explosion. The dust and debris from the kitchen flew through the adjoining door to the living room. When nothing moved Rachel stood and lifted Honey up. Honey was shaking.

What happened Rachel?Honey asked, holding onto Rachel.

I dont know. Stay here, check your presents.

Rachel walked to the kitchen as Honey checked over her presents.

The End

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