Chapter 5.2 "Leave"

Helen returned with Rachel and they all sat around the table. Mr Watkins stuffed as much food in his mouth then ate with the food on display. Kara ate in small bits but dropped the food everywhere and Mrs Watkins ate both ways. Helen ate in a polite way and non-messy. The two sat opposite the 3. Rachel was looking to the table and concentrating on something. Helen finished her mouthful then asked: "Are you okay Rachel?" 

I am absolutely disgusted at how my family are acting around you and I cannot apologise enough.

I see.

You should be enjoying a pleasant meal with your lovely family. She said. Come on. Helen looked shocked then saw the three watching them. Dont make me make you.” Rachel threatened. Helen nodded then stood and they went to the front door.

Stop right there missy! Her father yelled. Rachel shuddered at the thought of food spraying everywhere then took a breath. Where do you think your going?

Away from you! You are the worst people ever!

She yelled, her eyes flashing red once more. As Helen and Rachel left the door shut and locked, as did all the windows. Rachel was shaking with anger.

Um Rachel, what are you doing?

Go to the car.. .please.

Her voice was slightly lower than usual.

Um Rachel?


She yelled, her eyes were red and she was glaring. Helen nodded then sat in the car.

NP The house suddenly filled with red, the same shade as Rachels eyes and smoke began to mist up the windows. Rachel continued to shake and there were flames roaring in the house, engulfing the area with heat and setting everything it touched alight. Helen wanted to go out and talk to Rachel, try to get her to stop but she found she couldnt move. The screams echoed around the immediate area but Rachel didnt stop. The whole house was now aflame. The wood crackled and popped as the flames began to attack the roof.

Rachel! Helen yelled. Stop it! Theyre dead now.

Go home Helen. Leave.

Helen sighed. Ill be at home, If not ask for me at Central.

Rachel nodded then when Helen drove out of sight she collapsed to the ground, passing out from exerting that much power in the spur of the moment decision. When people began to arrive they pulled her from the area.

What happened?

I dont know.

I saw the fire from my house.

I hope it doesnt spread.

Are the family in there?

Poor kid, returning to this.

Villagers surrounded the house, trying to put out the fire and save the family, but at this point of time, only Helen and Rachel knew it was useless.

NP Helen drove back home both scared and anxious. She was scared because this was the situation she wanted to avoid. If Rachel was this powerful so soon, how powerful would she get? Was Central right to even start this experiment? Helen sighed then indicated to pull into the drive. Honey waved then ran down and opened the door. Helen was also anxious because she knew with that much power that soon would cause Rachel to faint and not be able to hide her eyes. Maybe if she had avoided the situation with Richard Whiteman this would have been avoided. Was it unavoidable? Helen locked the car then hugged Honey and walked in, shutting the door and turning her attention back to her family. It was what Rachel wanted and Rachel could easily turn to her in need. Helen could relax for now.

NP Rachel was laying on the ground, unconscious and weak. So weak she couldnt move her arms or open her eyes. She could heal but it wasnt the same thing. To regain strength took time and that was one thing she didnt have. She needed to find something out, she needed to talk to someone. But she didnt know who. The only thought floating through the front of her mind was: talk to him. Who did she have to talk to? Why did she have to talk to them?

Is she okay doctor?

I wouldnt think so. She has no pulse. Shes gone.

But …”

Im not dead.Rachel managed to whisper. The doctor and person speaking both gasped.

But she has no pulse. Her heart isnt beating.The doctor said, shocked and in disbelief.

Im alive.Rachel whispered then opened her eyes.

My god, what are you?The doctor asked.

Alive. She said as she sat up. Her neck clicked twice as she turned her head both ways. What happened?

“The house burnt down, you were unconscious in front of it. We had to pull you away. He explained then knelt beside her. How are you alive?

Ask me that in a few centuries, I may know then. Rachel said then stood up, the doctor helping her to stand still. Thanks. I need to speak to him.

Speak to who?

I dont know. Thanks for everything.She brushed down her clothing then walked off perfectly fine.

Odd girl. Hey Detective, what are you doing?

The End

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