Chapter 5.1 Rachel's Family Life

Honey stayed behind to look after Richard while Helen drove Rachel and herself to the village. Helen had spent a few weeks there already and felt it was a nice village, though the mystery of the 'non remembered girls' confused her. Why had the girls been forgotten? Had burning them erased them from time and everyone's memories? If so: how had Rachel remembered? Had it been the powers or was she special to begin with? Helen's mind flashed back to the file on Rachel. 'Blood Type: AB Negative'. Rare blood type, two different colour eyes. Are these signs that pointed to it working?

Are you tired? I could take over."

I have no doubt you could but legally you shouldnt unless the situation is grave. I was just thinking. Were nearing your home now. Rachel looked anxiously. Her mother, father and sister were waiting. I took the liberty of calling ahead.

What if I get that pain? What if my eyes change?

Dont worry. Youll be fine. She pulled up to the side then got out. Rachel seemed frozen with fear. Oh come on Rachel. Itll be fine.

NP Rachel took a deep breath then exited the vehicle. Her sister ran up, tears in her eyes. She hugged Rachel tightly and Rachel hugged her back.

Oh Rachel, Im so glad youre safe. Her mother said. Rachel smiled but didnt move.

Whats wrong sis?

Nothing, Im just Nothings wrong. How is everyone?

Great. All missing you. its been 3 weeks. Rachel ran through the timings in her mind. To her, it had only been 10 days. She looked to Helen who mouthed laterthen walked up.

Hello Mr and Mrs um oh you know what? Ive forgotten your names again, I have the worst memory.


Thats it, hello. Im so sorry we kept your daughter back, she was terribly ill.

Is she any better?

She still gets terrible pain every now and then but if that happens she just needs to rest in her room.

Mr Watkins stepped up. I am so grateful for your help. Thank you. Rachel was looking to the ground, her left arm around her sisters shoulders while her right was in her pocket. Helen smiled, it was a perfect picture moment. Mrs Watkins thought so too and had got the camera. After the picture Helen noticed Rachels eyes flash red. Rachel had looked to the floor immediately and closed her eyes.

Oh sorry hunny, my bad. Mrs Watkins said then returned the camera to the house. I forgot you were photosensitive. Helen instantly made a mental note of this. Come on inside.

NP As soon as they started to arrange dinner arguing ensued. The younger sister, named Kara, had wanted something different so the parents said: 'This or go without. Kara decided to go without and went to the room she originally shared with Rachel. The parents continued to argue about the way things were cooked or presented during the wait for it to be cooked. They also argued about timings and the amount of junk in the kitchen as well as the state of the house. Rachel suddenly stood up from beside Helen. They were sat at the dining room table, which was cracked and scarred.

Im sorry Helen, I cant stand this. We have to go. Ill kill them if they go on.

Helen chuckled. I can see why you didnt want to come here.

This started the parents off, arguing about their manners. Rachel closed her eyes then placed her hands flat against the table. I have powers and I cant stop them fighting. Why not?

Because thats life. There will always be some sort of tension in every household.

Rachel sighed then walked to the front door, grabbed her jacket and walked out, slamming the door behind her. Helen watched as Rachel walked past the window, the jacket hung loosely over her shoulder with her finger in the loop to stop it falling. She seemed to do this normally as the actions were quick, smooth and effortless.

Oh dear, shes gone already. Im sorry about her behaviour Miss. Helen frowned in confusion, her mouth slightly open. Shes always like that, so is our little one. Rachel will be back Im sure of it. She said then put the photo she printed off a few minutes ago into a frame. Hmm you know: I was so worried when she had gone. I thought I thought shed run off. When you called me saying she was alive: I was relieved.

Helen smiled then stood. Its rather hot in here. Can I juststand outside?

Sure. Dinners in 10 minutes if he doesnt mess everything up.She muttered as Helen walked out.

NP After walking around, trying to find Rachel Helen finally found her. There was a hill that overlooked the entire village apart from a big square building behind them. Rachel had her arms outstretched and she was still though the wind was strong this high up.

Rachel! Helen yelled to allow Rachel to acknowledge her presence then ran up the hill. Rachel, howd you get here so fast? Rachel remained silent. Oh sorry.

Rachel chuckled. You always wondered why I trusted you and spoke so freely to you. Do you understand now?

Yeah I do. Sorry I brought you back. If Id known you hated it that much Id have avoided this.

Why have I been gone 3 weeks? I thought it was 10 days? 11 if you count yesterday.

Well if Im honest: We took the candidates, sorry for the word choice, earlier and kept you lot sedated as we tested the others.

I see. She put her hands in her pockets then closed her eyes slowly while exhaling. Helen looked out then smiled. It all seemed so peaceful when not in that house. Maybe as she wasnt too close and liked being isolated that helped with the experiment too? Do you always have to think?"

Its something I do.

The End

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