Chapter 4.2 A Closer Call

Helen told Rachel to go quickly so she did while Helen tidied up the best she could. Rachel ran towards to park and saw some people running away. Honey was running as well.

“Rachel! Rachel! Help, someone's attacking Daddy."

"Go home Honey, Ill help.

"Dont get hurt! Honey yelled as she ran, she had taken Rachels blue jacket for her. Rachel ran up as Richard fell to the floor.

Ha! Richard on Richard. This is amusing. Whiteman said then slashed his knife. Marlow just missed it as he fell to the ground. Well, I think I can kill you now.

He raised his sword then lowered it quickly but it hit something else. A bar had been pulled out of the fence nearby and Rachel now held it against the sword.

Richard Marlow run. She pushed the sword away then held the bar horizontally. Fight me."

You? You have god like powers. Unless youre weak still?

No. Ive learnt.” She replied then looked to check if Richard Marlow was clear. He was so she commenced her attack. Electricity sparked from both her hands and travelled down the bar to the middle. As the two electric currents met the power built.

What are you doing? He asked stepping back slowly. Dont kill me please. I thought Helen taught you to be nice. Rachel smiled, her eyes flashing black. No!

The electricity shot out of the pole and straight through his chest, where his heart had been. There was now a hole with singed flesh around, the heat had been so warm the wound had been quarterized and no blood escaped. Richard Montague fell to his knees then flat on his face, death had been instant. Rachel replaced then repaired the bar in an instant and walked to the house. Police sirens were sounded in the distance but she remained at a casual pace.

NP As she entered she asked: “Is Richard okay?

Hes fine, thank you Rachel. Thank you so much. Helen hued her then released instantly. Youre warmer than usual.

It is hot outside. I was concentrating on defence rather than keeping my body normal. She replied. Is Honey alright?

Yeah, just a bit shocked, shes gone to bed. Thank you again. Rachel smiled then slipped on her jacket and went to the door. Where are you going?She half shouted out of shock.

I want to sit outside.

Oh sure. Sorry, I was worried in case Richard Montague returned.

He wont.She went to leave again.

Wait, did you kill him?

Rachel didnt move, her hand remained on the door handle. It was kill or be killed. She whispered. I only killed out of self defence though, you said that was acceptable in some situations.

Helen sighed. I guess its okay, he was dangerous. Stay safe and out of trouble. Ill take you home tomorrow.

Rachel smiled. Thank you.

My family made me notice how much you missed yours. Im sorry.

Dont be. I um used my powers earlier.


When I first saw the crystal figures. I knew they meant so much to you, they were so clean. I made a shield protect them from harm.

Thank you for telling me and protecting it.

Helen said then watched as Rachel walked to the bench in the front garden by the flower bed. She leant back then closed her eyes, thinking about several things. Helen smiled then went back to her husband, taking him a glass of water.

The End

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