Chapter 4.1 A Close Call

The family spoke while being aware of Rachel. She sat in the corner just watching her lap. Helen often wondered if she was listening in and taking notes in her mind or whether she felt left out as her own family were gone. Richard and Honey suddenly stood causing both Helen looked up in surprise at the movement.

“Do you two want to come to the park or would you rather talk or day dream?” Honey asked in her young, innocent voice.

“I’ll pass thanks, I need to catch up on my sleep.”

“Park? I’ll go.” Rachel stood then picked up her blue jacket.

“Will you be okay hun?”

“Yeah I’ll just write some notes down.”

“Okay.” Richard said then kissed her briefly again. “See you later. We’ve got to burn the cake off.” Rachel smiled then was pulled out of the door by Honey who was surprisingly strong. That, or Rachel allowed herself to be pulled willingly. Helen waved from the door then, as they left her sight she shut the door and walked determinedly to a picture. After removing it she opened the safe behind it with her finger print and pulled out some papers. After closing it and replacing the picture she sat at the kitchen table and worked through it, making copious notes all over the pages. She suddenly reached for the phone and dialled a number after typing it in.

“Hello? Yes I’d like to speak to Professor Richard Montague. Yes I’ll wait.” So she did, for five minutes after a piece of music she sang along with. “Oh hey, how are you? I need information about a project called Genesis.” She listened then nodded, writing down more notes. “No that should do… yes it’s to do with that project… no I can’t tell you… yes that’s why I asked you for information first. Bye.” She hung up then the doorbell rang three times. “Have you left something Honey? Oh you.” She opened the door then shut it once the visitor entered. “I’ve only just called you.”

NP Honey made Rachel join in with her, which Rachel did gladly to learn about these things. She seemed to have forgotten many things that included playing, she blamed the pain in her head. Richard watched concerned, ready to jump in any second.

“Come on! I’m going to beat you!” Rachel and Honey were now running a race. Suddenly Rachel stopped. She stood tall and looked in the direction of the house. “Yeah! I beat you.” Honey yelled cheering. “Rachel?”

“Rachel what is it?” Richard asked walking up.

“Something’s wrong. I don’t know what it is but the atmosphere’s changed and… something’s wrong.”

“I see.” Honey walked up.

“I’m going to drop off my jacket. I’ll return quickly.” Honey nodded then got Richard to push her in the swing. Richard watched and told Rachel to be careful as she walked off.

NP Rachel ran towards the house at a quick pace although she had been playing with Honey. The house was fine, there was no fire and the area was okay but as she entered Rachel felt angry, Everything, excluding the figurines, was destroyed. The house had been ransacked and in the Kitchen, Helen’s body slumped on the table. Rachel walked through then pressed two fingers to Helen’s neck. There was a pulse so Rachel tipped her body back and pressed her hand over where her heart was and closed her eyes. Helen gasped then coughed violently. Rachel got her a drink of water.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, where’s Honey and Richard?”

“In the park, still playing. What happened?”

“A scientist. Professor Richard Montague. He’s taken all my notes on you and the experiment. I called him, to get information to help me find out if a theory could work.”

“Did you get the information?”

“Yes, and none of my theories would work. I can’t let them take you Rachel. That would be murder.”

Rachel nodded then glared. “What is it?”

“There’s trouble.”

The End

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