Chapter 3.2 Cake and Pain

As Rachel sat waiting in silence she looked around the room with her eyes. Everything was neat, well kept and peaceful. She had noticed how each member of their little family complimented each other. Helen was the workaholic whereas Richard would look after Honey if an emergency came up. Honey gave the energy whereas Helen was calm and Richard was patient while Helen often got frustrated by little things. The family ran as a unit or individually and Rachel missed that suddenly. Her own family was chaos but she wouldn’t leave them or join this one. She found it easier to work on her own but allowed Helen to help her get so far.

“Ta da! Cake.” Honey said as Richard carried through a vanilla sponge with icing on top. She proceeded to repeat the word ‘cake’ for a few minutes as Richard set it down and began to cut it into slices.

“Enough Honey, I think we know what it is.” Helen said with a smile and slight laugh. Honey giggled then sat on the sofa beside Rachel, bouncing in anticipation.

“I love cake. Hurry up daddy.”

“I’m hurrying.” He said then pretended to do it at a quicker speed. “Just settle down or I’ll only let you have one piece.” Instantly Honey stopped moving and went quiet, focusing on the case. A pain spread through Rachel’s head and body the next moment. She gasped and took shallow breaths. Her whole body shook, her hands automatically clutching her head.

“Rachel! Honey can you go to the chair?” Honey, who looked on the verge of tears out of shock, ran to the opposite chair and hugged her knees. “Rachel is it the pain again?”

“Yes… sorry.” She said then gasped again.

“Just breath okay? And focus on stopping the pain. Remember?”

“Of course I do! I don’t have a sieve for a brain.” Rachel snapped. “Sorry.” She said then took deep breaths in and out, focussing on peace and calm. Honey was transfixed on the scene as was Richard. A few seconds later the pain stopped and Rachel opened her eyes. Honey screamed and ran away. Richard followed then began to calm her down.

NP Rachel sat on the sofa, her eyes averted to the side. She was less happy and now felt on the verge of tears as Honey had been. Honey was now eating cake little by little and being cradled by Helen.

“Honey, do you want to know what happened?”

“No. It was scary.”

“But if you understand it then you won’t be scared.” Honey reluctantly nodded. “Rachel can get sudden pain, they are very bad and can sometimes cause her to faint. When this happens her eye changes to that.” Honey nodded slowly then had another bite of cake and looked to Rachel.

“Did I upset her?”

“I don’t know, why not ask?” Honey passed Helen the plate and fork then walked over.

“Rachel?” Rachel looked up. “Did I cause you upset?”

“No Honey. I’m sorry I scared you. I know from experience it can be terrifying seeing something different like my eye.”

“Were you scared when you first saw it?”

“Yes. I tried not to believe it. I got used to it gradually.” Honey nodded then hugged her.

“Sorry.” She walked to Helen, got the plate and fork then sat beside her. “These pains, why do they happen? Is it an illness?” Helen looked up sharply and gave Rachel a warning look but Rachel didn’t need it.

“I don’t know. Sorry.” Honey giggled then took another bite. Richard slowly ate his first piece and both Helen and Rachel didn’t touch theirs. 5 pieces had gone and it amazed Rachel that Honey was so thin. She was very energetic so Rachel thought that was the reason behind it. Honey nudged her so she looked up from the floor to the young girl who was smiling yet again.

“Aren’t you hungry?”

“No I’m not. I don’t really…” She went silent then smiled. “Not really.” Helen looked up at the pause then thought back. Whenever she prepared lunch for the two she didn’t touch her food. Each plate remained untouched and the only thing she drank was water. Maybe she didn’t need to eat or drink much. Helen made a mental not to write a note about this then looked to Honey. She was laughing and eating another piece.

“Honey aren’t you going to stop? You have lunch in 3 hours.”

“No, I’m not going to need food if I eat all this cake.”

“I want at least one more piece Honey and save one for your mother.” Richard said then began his 2nd piece. “So don’t eat it all.”

“Is that why you try to avoid cake?” Rachel asked suddenly. Helen blushed, Richard nodded and Honey smiled. “I see.” She looked back to her hands that were interwoven on her lap.

The End

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