Chapter 3.1 Work and Rest

A week of hard work, tears and anger followed. Rachel tried to use her powers subtly and control them as well as using them when needed n case of emergencies. These 'emergency situations' were made up by Helen in the limited space - such as fires, incidents or injuries and when things are needed quickly. Helen helped test her reflexes by throwing stuff. At the beginning Rachel kept getting hurt and healing then she eventually got better. Rachel was also taught how to fight and join her energy, being and powers. Helen often fell asleep as they pulled all-nighters but Rachel appeared to only need a few minutes alone while thinking deeply to recover. Helen also took readings and test results after, before or during exercises. She did this secretly but feared Rachel knew. They had become good friends and Rachel trusted Helen, allowing her to do tests and ask her things but somewhere in her mind she felt Helen would betray her, she kept this quiet as the week progressed.

NP As they travelled towards the home town of Helen Marlow Rachel looked out of the window.

Are you okay? Not feeling car sick are you?

No, Im just worried. Will I be okay in the town?

Youll be fine. Your powers have increased to amazing strength and you have a lot more control. My Honey will be pleased to meet you so you wont be welcomed coldly.

Honey. Odd name for a child. Isnt it a food substance?

Helen chuckled. Yes but I named her that because she was so sweet when I first saw her. She looked up and gurgled before falling asleep. Rachel smiled then tied up her hair with the hair band that had been around her wrist. Her hair instantly became a neat, high ponytail. She put on her fingerless black gloves and folded her arms. She wore a blue vest top with black tights and a medium-length black skirt. Youre never cold are you?

Nope, I can keep my temperature consistent.

Lucky you. Helen said. Helen was wearing a long sleeved top, jacket and thick trousers. The temperature had decreased rapidly and Helen was the only one to suffer out of the two. Wheres your little blue jacket?

Behind the chair. I was too hot in it.

Helen looked then nodded. The blue jacket had been worn by Rachel just before she had been experimented on and held a lot of sentimental value. Helen sighed then pulled into a driveway.

NPShes here! Mummys here! Mummy! Honey was about 6 had very dark hair and bright blue eyes. Honey waved enthusiastically from the doorway. Rachel unclipped her belt, opened the door then slid out of the car and stood tall. She looked around the small garden and path making up Helens front garden. A few flowers were dead but most of the others were in full bloom. Some had been cut and put into a vase in the windowsill of the living room. The grass was slightly green and several bowls were under the living room window. Hello mummy!

Hello Honey. She lifted up her daughter then hugged her tightly, as if they hadnt seen each other for a while. “Youre so big now.

Yeah, I grew 7 inches!

Helen supported her with one arm then smiled. Wow, youll over take Daddy in no time. The father walked out, he was about 6 foot which made Rachel smile at the comment Helen had just made. Hey Rich, sorry I was so long.

Dont worry. I know how work gets to you.

They kissed briefly. Honey poked her mother then pointed.

Is that your friend?

Yes. Rachel, this is: Honey my daughter and Richard my husband.


She said then looked sharply to the left. An old woman was walking pass slowly.

Shall we go in?

Helen asked, locking the car then entering. Rachel stepped in slowly, watching the old woman closely.

NP The house was homely, yellow, green and blue colour schemes were present throughout the first floor. There were fresh flowers in hand painted vases in every room. The house was well kept as if magic was used but Rachel knew that wasnt possible with the family. As Rachel was pulled into the living room by Honey, who was over enthusiastic at new visitors, she noticed a few crystal figurines on the sideboard. Her eyes were instantly drawn to them and she walked over to investigate closer. They were figures of a family: one male, one female and a young child. All shared the same base and the child was just in front of the two adults standing close.

A friend made them for us. We had to pay a bit extra but its worth it.Richard said.

Rachel smiled then turned. Theyre lovely. You are a very close family. Im sorry Ive been taking up Mrs Marlows time so much.

Rich chuckled. Dont worry about it. She always returns or calls.

The End

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