Chapter 2 - Deadline: Set

Rachel sat down thinking for a few hours and when Helen walked in she blurted out: “What if I kill someone? I have… I killed that guy you worked with. He shoved me against a wall and went to put me in a body bag. I wasn’t dead. I… I defended myself. Didn’t I?” Rachel looked to Helen but she was looking to the floor.

“We thought… you didn’t act like the others that’s true but… We burnt the bodies to avoid the detection of the experiment. We were going to burn your body. You reacted though.”

“I’m sorry I killed him. Was he your friend?”

“Yes, we had grown to like each other I guess. I was originally his assistant but we became friends.” Rachel smiled then walked to the cupboard and shut the door.

NP  Helen walked out and locked the door. She needed to stop Rachel leaving and discovering her powers in front of people who may cause her harm. It made Helen uneasy when she thought about Rachel’s eye or the fact that her heart didn't beat. Was she over reacting? Could this be fixed or not? She made a mental note to find out or at least theorize it. She walked to her office and pulled together a selection of unused pieces of paper. She flicked on a monitor that showed the room Rachel was in then began to write quickly. She was determined to find a way to help Rachel. She had to work quickly before central decided to remove Rachel from her care and she couldn’t let that happen. Central would do all sorts of inhumane experiments and make her practice powers that may cause her to die. Rachel needed to be handled with care, respect and kindness.

NP A phone rang so Helen picked it up, leant back and looked to the monitor.


“Mummy! When are you coming home Mummy?” A child yelled in excitement.

“Hey Honey, I’m going to be home soon, I may bring a friend with me too. I think she’d like to see you.”

“Cool, when Mummy? Then we can bake a cake for you.”

“Will Daddy allow that? He’s always saying you should avoid cake.”

“But it’s for you Mummy, of course he’ll let us.”

“Good. Well I’ll be there in … a week?”

“So… Friday the 21st?”


“Okay Mummy, love you! Bye!”

“Bye sweetie.” She chuckled then hung up and looked to the screen. “That’s that then. One week. Rachel: you’d better be ready to learn.” She stood then walked to the room, notebook, pen and clipboard in hand.

The End

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