Chapter 1.2 (not very catchy huh?)


The scientist said to a computer screen. The screen flashed into life then an empty seat was visible. A man was heard arguing.

What? Now? Why didnt you wait for me to be ready? The man sat down then squinted at the screen. I dont remember you, are you a scientist?

Yes sir, Im Doctor Helen Marlow, I was the assistant of Doctor Heston Harolds.

Oh really? Was? Where is he?

He died Sir, as a result of the experiment we are conducting.

I thought you used children not full fledge scientists?

Helen nodded. “Attempt number 26 from this village succeeded to an extent. He was moving the body when I was trying to look something up. The girl broke his neck and pushed him to the other side of the room.

Indeed? Hmm so it worked?

Yes sir. To an extent.

He frowned then leant back and threaded his fingers together.


Well, she isnt like the others. She healed at a faster pace and calmed down quicker. She also explains a lot more rather than being shocked or frightened.

So how is that only to an extent Dr Marlow?

Her eyes, well her left eye. Its different. She originally had one blue eye and one green. Now the blue eye is…” She shuddered. I hid my discomfort but I think she sensed it as she avoided looking at me, unless shes just shy.

You notice a lot and make a lot of mental notes dont you?

Yes sir, though I write down some too. The man chuckled. Sir, what do I do about the girl? Shes only just being informed of this and…”

You told her? How much have you told her?

Just what we were doing: using the power and trying to put it in a human and: that we tried previously and failed.

The man breathed a sigh of relief. Excellent. Dont tell her too much. I suggest you train her to hide or use her powers subtly. Dont let her go yet.

But sir, she has a family: a father, mother and sister.

A sister you say? Would the experiment work on her do you think?

Um I cant say. I need to find out why it worked on her first.

The man nodded then pulled a piece of paper close to him. Helen lifted a foot to release the pressure on it.

Well go ahead. Keep in her good books. We need someone she trusts in this organisation. He shut off the screen then Helen shut off her monitor. She walked to the room and saw Rachel still in the position she had left her in. She was looking to her feet and thinking, at least that’s what she thought. Helen walked in then sat opposite her after closing and relocking the door.

NP  Hello Rachel. Are you okay? Helen asked, looking to the still and seemingly lifeless girl. She didnt respond so Helen jumped up and ran to a cupboard. Dont be dead, dont be dead. She begged then got out a stethoscope. As she listened tried to listen to the heartbeat, all she could hear was her own. It was beating fast out of panic, sadness and fear of failure. Helen listened and tried to calm down. No heartbeat. This isnt going well. Um what to do. Oh Heston whyd you die? Um.. Okay think. She forced herself to relax and sit. She said she was in pain. Her body could have shut down from the shock of the power. She said as she wrote quickly. Now what? Maybe shes zoned out due to the information I gave her? Could she have inherited God like knowledge too? She stood after writing it down then paced. Shes young so she could be sleepy! She said then wrote that down and walked to Rachel. Rachel? Please wake up. Are you alive? What am I thinking? Shes 15 of course she doesnt take midday naps. She could be using her powers. One that requires great concentration at such a weak stage? Again she wrote things down, some words illegible due to speed. I need to re write this oh whats…”

Why are you constantly talking?Rachel asked, she was now looking directly at her. Helen jumped slightly then sat and took deep breaths.

Why didnt you respond? Whats the matter with you?

I was thinking. I only got pulled out when all I could hear was your voice panicking. What was up?

You were. You werent responding or moving or breathing hang on. She listened once more to her heart then stepped back, pulling the stethoscope down to go round her neck. You arent breathing, your heart isnt beating. So technically, youre dead.

Rachel blinked then looked to the cupboard as all the contents fell out. Rachel stood, walked over then went to pick up some plasters that had scattered. Everything suddenly went into a neat pile and returned to the cupboard. She stepped back and tripped over her foot in shock. As she fell onto the floor Helen walked over and helped her up.

What happened?

Do you remember I told you about the powers? Rachel nodded slowly. Well that was one, the ability to control things. Im not too sure of the extent of any your powers or what powers you have.

The End

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