The God-Maker Experiment

What happens when scientists discover the power of God and try to use it?
Um no idea what's going to happen, this is just a see where it goes kind of thing. Please read. =)

The First Succesful Attempt?

“It didn’t work!” A woman yelled then threw a lifeless body across the room. It didn’t travel far but it bounced and fell into an awkward position. “How many girls do we have to waste until this works?”

“I don’t know but soon there won’t be any in this little village.” A short man answered then dragged the body so it sat upright against a wall. “Do we burn this one too?”

“Yeah, they’ve all failed. I made sure they were different; different hobbies, different personalities, different IQs, different abilities, different types, even different styles.” She sighed exasperatedly then sat and looked to a piece of paper, a soft thud sounded. “Everyone else is the same as others. Oh well, drag in… Heston?” The short man, Heston, was flumped against a wall, his head fallen to the side. “Heston!” She ran over and felt for a pulse but stepped back in shock. “Dead? But… how?” She stood and carefully turned around. A girl was shivering in the corner, hugging her knees and crying softly. The girls hair was stained red with her blood as a cut was visible just by her forehead. Her mouth also had blood escaping form the sides.

“I’m in so much pain.” She said in a soft voice. It had distorted slightly then returned to normal.

“You’re alive, I never thought… but the readings. You’ve no pulse, no… you are alive.” She whispered then knelt in front of the girl. “Where does it hurt?”

“Everywhere. All my limbs, the pain.” She began to cry again. “What’s happening?” The girl asked through tears. The Scientist looked at the wounds, slowly they began to pull together and the blood return. Her hair was slowly turning back to dark blonde.

“Just… wait it out okay? I don’t know what’s happening.”

“Am I dieing?” She asked.

“No, the opposite. You’re healing yourself.” The girl sniffed then looked up. “Oh, there is a problem but we’ll... I’ll fix that.” She corrected herself then looked to Heston before turning back to the girl. “Um here, let me help you to stand.” The girl’s legs now straightened and she grabbed the hand of the scientist.

NP  Once the girl had managed to stand, the scientist sat her on a sofa in a different area. The scientist began to explain the situation.

“You are the result of an experiment. It’s called the God-Maker.”

“God Maker? What… have you done… to me?” She asked, afraid of the answer.

“My fellow scientists and I discovered a power, the power of god. It enabled the user to have God-like power. We were ecstatic but we couldn’t make it work. Each scientist that tried it went into a rage and killed themselves or exploded from inside. It was the same for each of the girls we tried. Several just didn’t live and others died moments, even hours, later.”

“The pain. The pain was too much?”

“I can’t say for sure but they did look hurt and in agony. They healed though.”

“No, there’s still pain. Unbearable pain. It’s throughout my entire body and soul.”

“I see.” The scientist made a note: ‘Underlying pain - unbearable even when healed. Cause unknown’.

“How many have failed?”

“25 in this village. We started with the boys but… none of them even responded. The girls reacted at the beginning which was more promising.” She sighed then leant back and ran her fingers through her short, brown hair.

“No-one notices. How is that possible?” The girl asked, saddened by the revelation.

“I don’t know. I always thought they blamed a serial killer slash burner.” She made yet another note: ‘No-one notices missing girls’.

“Haven’t you been outside?”

“Not for a while, I was so busy trying to get this far.” She pointed to the girl. “Out of interest, what is your name?”

“Rachel.” She whispered.

“Rachel? Hmmm… no not too biblical. Had it been Eve that would have been amazing.” She sat up then put the pad to the side. “As a mother I’ll tell you this: I do want to let you return.”

“Why don’t you?”

“You are not aware of the amount or extent of your power.” Rachel nodded then looked around and hugged her knees. “Can you just tell me: do you notice anything different when you’re seeing things?”

“No. It’s a little clearer but not really. Why?” The scientist reached for a mirror then held it up. Rachel gasped then held her hands out in front of her, comparing each eye.

“You see? This never happened to the previous attempts.” The scientist wrote a longer note: ‘One eye appears to have a different colour scheme, rather unnerving if you look at it long enough. Is this the result of the girl - Rachel- have two different colour eyes to start with?’. The scientist looked to Rachel then smiled and walked out of the room, leaving Rachel to sit alone in her huddled position. 

The End

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