The GodFather: The Son

jackson has a chance to goto the nba but his father wants him to go into the family business

Last Sunday Oct 12, 1989

“Go…!!!!! Find my son”, said The Don.

Later that day

Bang, Bang, Bang…… Three shots from the mag, all aimed at Jackson. He attempts to dodge the speed of the blazing bullets. One bullet pierces his leg jus slightly, but enough to injury him. He begins to limp due to the blood gushing from his leg, as he continues to avoid the people shooting at him.

Saturday Oct 18, 1989

One, two, three, four, five. Five free throws made in a row. Well rested and sore Jackson continues to practice alone in this big bright and quiet gym. On the line he’s a lone wolf that has to make it on his own, no help. He dribbles three time, takes a deep breath, and puts it up……SWOOSH!!! It’s nothing but net. After the shot is made Michael comes through the door.

“The family is having a very important meeting and your dad wants you there now!” he exclaimed

“Aight, Ima be there in a min” said Jackson

As Michael leaves, Jackson continues with his practice until he is done. Later on he arrives at the meeting. Sitting in a big diamond covered maroon chair, The Don addressed Jackson,

“You’re late”  

“I’m sorry father, I was practicing”

During the meeting, The Don gives out individual assignments to a room of at least 25 family members.

After the meeting Jackson has a talk with his father.

“Why do I have to do this dad” he says

“You know that I’m not going to always be here right,” The Don replies.

“Yea dad,” said Jackson

“Why don’t you want this?”

“Because dad, I have other plans for my life,”

“Like what?”

“Nothin dad, I’ll talk to you later”

Monday Oct 20, 1989

“Mr. Cannon, you’re going to get a detention if you keep sleeping in my class!” said the teacher. The bell rings.

“Well…. I’m sorry but I’m off to third period,” Jackson replies

In the hallway he bumps into his basketball coach. The coach tells him that an NBA scout is going to be at their next game. This is the perfect opportunity for Jackson to have a chance at entering the upcoming NBA draft as a highly recruited college prospect.

Friday Oct 24, 1989

“The Game is in two hours, dad,” said Jackson.

“I’ll be there,” said The Don.

On the way to the game Jackson takes the short cut to get to the stadium. Not too far behind him is his father.

           As the game begins, he looks into the stands and sees a sea of purple, yellow, and white, with the school logo on every one, but no dad. The first quarter started off slow but overall his team won the game thanks to his fantastic individual performance with 42points, 12rebounds, 11assits, 4blocks, and 5steals. The game was over and still no dad. He gets home and finds out that on the way to the game, his father didn’t take the short cut. There were 20 guys with guns waiting to take Jackson out on the main street to the game. But instead of getting him, they got his father.

Jackson arrives at the hospital to see his father.

“Why didn’t you take the short cut” said Jackson. Crying hysterically

“Never mind that son. How was your game?” said The Don

“I had a great game. The scout really loved the way I handled the other team. He told me that if I can have another game like this and win the championship, I’ll be a definite lottery pick.”

“I want you to play ball but; I would really love it if you could do what I told you to do.”

Sunday Oct 26, 1989

The Don is dead!!!

Michael bursts into the team’s practice and tells Jackson of the news. As Jackson begins to realize what has just happened he becomes upset. He sits and thinks then becomes infuriated. Outraged at his father’s death, he leaves town for a couple of days.

“Were is Jackson” said Michael

“I don’t know, no one’s heard from him in days” replied Jackson’s mom

Friday Oct 31, 1989

  “Jackson where have you been” said mom

“No where, I had to get away and get my mind right.” Replied Jackson

           He tells his mom that he has decided to play basketball.

“So what are you going to do?” asked mom


He goes into his pocket and pulls up a piece of paper that his father gave him in a meeting reading “Son… I want you to run this family”.

The End

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