the friends


Iris waved as she flew off toward the land, to find the souls of women.


Eris waved back.

"Come, now." said Nemesis. She took her sisters hand and pulled into the house.

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!" she said as soon as they two where inside.

"What?" said Eris.

"Being friends with a messager?"


"How did this happen?"

"She came to see me when I first moved here to give me hope."


"She knew I was lonely."


"So, we've been friends since. We see ecah other evey day. She even brings me with some times. I'm  wereing a cape so nobody knows it's me.."

"You've been ith a messager? How could you be so stuid! Mom's going to kill you.
Eris, you've done stuid things before, but by far this is the wrost!" She slapped Eris acourse the face.

"MOTHERS GOING TO KILL YOU FOR THAT. We are friends, the Gods and Goddess understand that."


"You know what sister?''




"Out, get out of my prison unless your nice to me! I never get to see you or Mom, or any of my sisters. Let alone Dad. Iris is the only person I get to see. She is my best friend."

Her sister looked at the girl ith care.

She reallys hates it hear. Mom wasn't lieing. She thought.


The End

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