Iris's Rainbow


Iris smiled as she saw her friend. they where not alike one bit, and yet the same. They both had blonde hair with purple highlights.

When Iris landed, she ran over to her friend.

"Oh, Iris!" said Eris.


"I'm..I'm going to the new G and G school."



"Sucks to be us."


"I'm going two."

Nemmiess walked out to see the two friends talking.

"Iris, your to be devling a message?" said Nemmie.

"Yes, Nemmie. I'm to tell you both that your sisters and you are two go to the next meeting."

"And when is that?"

Nemmie, being Zeus right hand man, knew this. But wanted to check Iris out.

"Next Friday night at midnight."

"Thank you, Iris. You may go."

The End

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