The school

''What is that, sister?" she said.

"Oh, shut up. Don't talk like where on Olympus." she in her normal, non-good girl voice.

"Fine, what is it. If you don't tell me right now I'll kill you." Said Eris.

"Good girl."she said.

The look on Eris's face changed.

"Ok, Mom and Zeus want you to go to the new school for young gods and goddess."


"You go first light on Saturday." said her sister.

"Now, does your sister have a room here?" she Nemesis.

Eris got out of her chair and walked down the tiny hall.

"This, Nemmie, is your room. Do what you wish. I'm going to wait for Iris." she said.

She walked back down the hall and outside to see Apollo pull away and to Iris's rainbow come.

The End

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