The Gloom

The sun never rose nor fell, and all was bathed in shadow save a modest village perched upon stilts. The water, which ambled beneath the wooden planks and outwards into oblivion was as infinitely and impenetrably black as the sky all around. In this village resided a benighted people afraid of the unknown that enveloped their home and permeated throughout their bones, their only solace being dull lanterns that they resolved to never put out. In this faint glow they would mill about the collection of tidy huts, tending the lights and keeping close eyes on the very few who dared to walk along the circumference of the village where the lanterns struggled to reach.

A boy sat on the rim of illumination, feet nearly disturbing the lolling sea that drifted slowly along the darkness. The eldritch sea met the air, and they melded together into a blanket of gloom that had no horizon- no distinction between the two, but rather a thick veil that seemed to drape down and around the modest village on stilts. He often sat here amidst his thoughts, on the fringes of the known world, with wondering eyes at the dark that leapt and tempted his mind. In his dreams he would leave the village upon a beam of pale light, and walk with the strange apparitions that formed in the shadows around him and granted him sights unlike any he had seen in his wake. When he awoke he could not recall the visions, and so he stared into the wall of shadow from the edge of town, hoping to catch glimpses of his dream. All the inhabitants of the village though him to be too comfortable near the amorphous wall of dark, saw him sink into the shadows, and tried to guide him back to the towns artificial light. In hushed and frightened whispers they told him old tales of those who left the village upon the water in small vessels, warning that those who venture forth are lost forever. These fears were affirmed when, though the boy had not seen this himself, some inhabitants would steal away with a lantern and, in their own makeshift vessels, drift into the deep nothingness.

More to come soon...

The End

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