The Giving GirlMature

Male oppression of the giving tree

Once there was a boy who was in love with a girl. Every day, the boy would visit. They would do everything together, and he was empowered to be brave, soaking up her confedance.He would gain satisfaction from her companion ship and long talks, and he would bask in her confidence feeling he had everything in the world. 

And the girl was happy. 

Time went by, and the boy stopped visiting. The girl was lonely. 

Then one day the boy came back, and she forgave him for the heartache, for she was able to once again lay eyes on him. 

"Come boy!" She whispered. "Lets explore the world together and give love to everyone!"

The boy shook his head pieved. "I don't want to do childish things. I want to be cool. I want to have confidence."

"I cannot make you cool." The girl replied sadly. "But I can give you my confidence."

And so the boy took her confidence, and the girl learned to cope believing herself to be the underdog. 

She watched the boy blossom by calling her fat and ugly.

And on the outside, the girl was happy. 

A long time passed without seeing him, and she missed even his rude remarks. Then one day he came back. 

"Come boy." She said. "Come close to me and talk to me. I've missed you."

To which the boy replied, "I am too manly to talk. I need a girlfriend who I can have sex with."

"Take my virginity." She offered. "I cannot be that type of girlfriend, but I can give you what I have."

And so the boy took her virginity, and the girl was happy.

A long time passed, and the girl never regretted her actions because friendship was her prize possession, and she would bend to maintain it.

The boy came back, and the girl crumpled inside with happiness. 

"Come boy!" She explaimed. "Lets restore our friendship!"

"I am too cool for that." The boy replied. "I want to be popular."

"I cannot make you popular. But here, take my reputation. Use it to build yourself an image."

And so the boy took the girls reputation, and covered it in slut, and gained his popularity. The boy gained lots of friends, and had lots of sex, and had lots of confidence.

The girl watched, half starving and covered in makeup as she ignored taunting yells of "slut!" behind her

"Come boy." The girl began.

"Eww! No!"

And the girl blamed herself.

The End

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