The Girls: Dear Diary

A group of friends slowly drift apart all becoming different but can they still stay together?

Dear Diary,

My name is Denia Meira Scott. I am 17 being born on the 17th February. This is my first go at a diary but me and my mates agreed it would be a good way to look back at the good times. I'm a Junior this year.

To tell you the truth me and the girls havent spoken much recently. I'm hanging out with all the bikers. Well, I'm more hanging around there to get closer to Alex. He's the school bad boy. I've had a crush on his from when we were childhood friends on the same street. I know loads of girls have a crush on him though.

All I am to him is a childhood friend. I'd never get to go out with a guy like him. I wrote a lot of poetry today. My favorite was one I wrote early this morning. I think its okay, dont want to share it yet though. Its very depressing.

I've passed both my bike and driving test. My parents bought me my motorbike as well. I LOVE IT!!!

Seriously, I cant wait to start riding it to school :) I'll look so cool!! Anyway, I better head off. I'm falling asleep as I write this. I mean not to be rude to the whole diary thing but it isnt the most exciting thing in the world.

Night Peeps, Denia Xx

The End

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