Josh, Jake, and Jerry

Josh, Jake, and Jerry are three best friends. They start a competition to see who can get an official girlfriend in a month for a project.

       "Hey man!" Jake called as Jerry and Josh walked past him. "What's up?" Jerry said with nod of the head. "Did ya hear that Rich Dupree and Mya Hope are dating now?" Josh chimed in. Jerry nodded. "They are?" Jake laughed. "Everyone knows that Mya is the most popular girl in school. What's a nerd like Rich doing with her?"

       Later that day - Lunchtime

       Jake walked to lunch, his fingers laced together. He had come up with a wonderful idea for his social studies project. The theme was to study people's actions using an experiment. Most people in the class wanted to do a survey or something of the sort. But Jake had his idea knitted in his head.

       Jerry was whispering to himself at the lunch table. Josh nudged him and smiled. "Your head all spider-webbed with the plays for tonight's football game?" he chuckled. Jerry gulped. "Talk about it. And then we have a month to complete that SS project."

       "Hey, guys!" Jake shouted, racing to the table. He slid into his seat. "I have the best idea ever for our SS project!" Jerry looked at him with excitement. "What is it?" he smiled. "Okay, here's the plan. The study people, we'll be studying the most elusive creatures--girls." Josh giggled a bit. Jake continued. "To see that through, we'll try to get a girlfriend in a month. Study their actions, make notes o what does and doesn't work. I'm calling it--get ready--the girlfriends wars."

       The bell rang. The three boys stood up. Everyone agreed on the project. They threw away their lunch trays and began planning out their first moves. But Jerry barely listened--he couldn't wait for the football game that night.

The End

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