Time to go

I picked myself of the floor, my nose flowing with blood. "Freddie, are you alright?" Cora was by my side, fretting. I nodded and looked at Erin. "Get out of my life, you self-centered, self-pleasing hypocritical little girl!" She looked shocked, I felt bad but I pushed it away. "You never did anything! I looked out for you and you sat around while I got tortured and didn't care!" I pulled my sleeve up, in my arm there were carvings that Agrona's demons had made. "This is what I got, for helping you. What help did I get from you? NOTHING" I screamed the last word as I couldn't cope. My parents ran up to me as I fell again to the ground. Erin stood there but Cora came to help me. "I think its best you leave now." Cora said. My mum nodded. Dad helped me up and supported me to the car while mum walked with Cora finding out about her. 
 On the way home I didn't say a word, my parents were going on about how they'd missed me, but I was hardly listening. Why had this happened? At least I got Cora. Everything bad has happened. Cora pulled me out of my musing state, I forgot she'd never seen a car before or anything modern so hearing her asking was comedy. I held her hand and smiled at her. No matter what I had her. 

After washing and a sleep mum and dad were asking me about France. I promised them we would have a marriage blessing/ re do the vows. So that's gone into full swing and my dad will take Cora up the aisle. But, now I'm home I'm always tired and fatigued.

The End

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