Wedding day

As I saw Cora walk up the aisle,I felt a swell in my heart. Her white dress shimmering, clingy not tight, and the train drifting behind her. She looked more radiant than I'd ever seen. 

Then her face changed, she morphed into Agrona. "NO!" I shouted. She laughed, filling the church with the sound. "Where is Cora?" I asked, sounding more scared than I intended. Another laugh. "You can't stay here forever, I still need you." She said silkily. I stared at her like she was crazy. "I won't go without Cora." I said. "You'll go when and with whom I tell you too." She looked down upon us. "Not without my daughter, or before their wedding." Heads turned as Cora's father walked in. Agrona pulled a face, she knows she has to. "I'll be back tonight. Say your goodbyes." Then she smiled. "I'll be back after the funeral." I looked quizzical at her. Her hand flung from her side and a shot of light crackled into Cora's father. "FATHER!" Cora ran down the church. Where'd she come from? Tears falling down her cheeks she flung herself at him. "My daughter," He croaked. "Stay with him, he knows the place you are going. He'll look after you. Freddie," He called me over. "Protect her. Cherish her." I bowed my head. "I will sir." Cora was weeping and holding her fathers hand, till he moved his hand to under her chin so she looked at him. "You are so like your mother." Cora smiled ever so slightly through her tears and choked a sob back as he died.  "Shall we?" Cora had stood up and was guestering to walk up the aisle. "If you'll still have me." I replied. 

Wedded and buried. Agrona kept to her word. We went without a fuss, holding hands we ended up where I began. 
In the cemetery, next to James' grave. And guess who was walking towards us. 

Erin, eyes wide. Not believing. Cora broke the silence. "Freddie, where am I?" 
Turning in front of her, blocking Erin, I go to tell her. But behind me, my parents. 

The End

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