History is my future

Sometimes I find myself thinking about Erin, then I curse myself and remember how she never wanted me. I was just a puppet for her to entertain her sister with. Look where that has ended up. My days maybe be great but my nights are awful. I've come to grips with never going home, I am stuck in the past. 1900s France to be precise. But I cannot deal with these memories that Agrona and Erin have given me in their sick and twisted hate for each other. Every night I wake up screaming and sobbing, Cora holding me tightly. Stroking my hair while gently rocking me, whispering in her french accent. She calms me down and coaxes me to sleep again. 
 I'm getting married to Cora, soon. I'm hoping my whole past has been left behind me cause this is it. New life with the person who has become my life. I may be young where I come from but here I am older. Also I can not imagine being apart from her, not like Erin. My whole body aches when she's not there. Missing Cora, her touch, laugh even when she gets angry. 
 The last night before we were married, her father stuck to tradition. Cora is being sent to her aunts in the village, we had our last embrace before we are married and even though I will see her soon, I can not help but miss her dearly. 
That evening I was eating dinner with Cora's father, Edward. Our peaceful silence was broken with him asking a question. 
"What happened to you son?" I shrugged. "To be screaming that loud at night, must have been something bad." I went red. Quickly and rapidly I skimmed over the tower and being prisoner. He nodded silently, drinking in my every word. Afterwards he said "promise me, you'll take care of my daughter, never let those two near her or anyone who wants to hurt her. When I finally am dead and buried you look after her, don't take after me. I didn't. Cora's mother died, when she was small because I didn't." He sighed and looked out the window. It wasn't his fault Cora's mother Iris, died in childbirth. However I said, "I promise, sir, I promise with all my heart."


The End

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