"Hello?" A sweet sounding voice drifted past me. "Are you okay?" I slowly opened my eyes. It was daylight and in front of me was a girl. Her soft blonde hair was falling over her face and her eyes showed concern, I didn't look for long, I was sure this was another demon come to torture me. She gently shook my shoulder. "Excuse me, are you okay? How did you get here?" Her voice became urgent and the French accent became more strongly pronounced. "You can't stay here, sir. This is my fathers farm. He'd go mental if he saw you here." I grudgingly sat up and faced this girl. She was so pretty, but not in an extrovert way. Her beauty was in the skin, her plain face showed kindness and a shy look. I tore myself from looking at her to seeing my surroundings.

It wasn't dark. In fact it was the brightest I've ever seen a place, the sun shining down upon the green fields with a cool breeze in the air. It was summer. Oh! How'd I'd missed it so! I could feel, feel the grass between my feet, feel the breeze upon my face! I could smell the grass cuts! "Sir, you look unwell. Would you like to come for some food?" I looked back at this girl. Looked unwell, of course. I'd been starved. "I'm famished." I replied.

She helped me up and we walked to her house. It was a small cottage, almost fairytale in appearance. On the way she told me about herself. Her name was Cora, she worked on the farm with her dad, there was only the two of them. When I explained my story she said she'd of Agrona before, a myth within her village. She said I was very lucky to be released and that I must not have been good enough to use as bait. "I'm glad" I said. Everything is relaxed here.

I think I am falling for Cora. I ate her dinner, it was only a stew but hearty after having no food. I had energy now and introduced Cora to my art, I drew her. "I'll get a job as an artist." I told her, "Start again, have a new life." I thought for a minute. "I'd be glad if you were in it" She smiled and my whole world lit up.  

The End

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