Trapped in Tragedy

Black. Day and night merge as one. No idea of time and minutes seem like hours and a never ending night plagues me. 

The demons come and my screams start, I've been torn to shreds and I'm covered in my dried blood. I can feel it. Only slightly see as the slit above me lets in less than minimum light in. My mouth feels so dry, I can not think straight. When did I last drink? Eat? I find it so hard to move, everything tires me. I feel so lonely, driven mad by my own mind. I think these demons aren't real but who knows with Agrona. 

Sat in the corner I give up. "KILL ME" I scream again, over and over. Tears threaten and fall down my cheek as the pleading gets more and more pathetic. The chuckles echo round the room and I grab my hair. I think I'm pulling it out. I want to die. I'm mad, driven mad. There is no hope in the prison. I think of Erin, she lead me to this. This never ending prison. Screams erupt again, it's me I think. I'm screaming. Slowly my vision comes into focus. A demon is on top of my chest. A goblin like thing, flesh dripping down its face as it eats some of my arm. It makes a weird high pitched giggle. Almost child like. 

Suddenly a blinding white light fills the room, then there is Agrona. The light of her filling the room. I see a puddle of water on the floor I rush to it and try and drink it as Agrona says to the demon "Run Chester, be off with you." She tuts fondly, then she turns sharply at me. "Look at yourself" She spat towards me. I look in the puddle obediently, a gaunt face stared at me. Thin arms, blood covering almost every inch. Dried and fresh, both mingle as I stare. Scars and wounds show vividly in this light. I pulled up my top and gasped in horror as my ribs stuck out at me. "Let me go" I pleaded. "No" she replied "Erin must pay." With that she left. Left in pitch black. Left alone, I'm dying. 

I will die before I am saved. 

The End

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