"Oh dear" Agrona's chuckles round the room, echoing from every corner. With fury, sadness and lost I turned round and squared up to this creature. 

"The damned and the lost." I said slowing, waltzing around the glittering ghost. " They're not us are they, not me and Erin." Agrona chuckled again " Erin and I dear, tut what do they teach you". I turned to punch her, my arm flew towards her face but in a blink her hand snapped up and caught me in an arm lock. Gasping for air, Agrona lifted her other hand towards my throat. Barely breathing I choked out my last words. "They're not us. It's you and your lover, what happened to him? You blame Erin don't you, that's why you hurt her so. James. The others. Me. Cause you blame her." Spitting out the last word while blood followed, reality hit. Agrona wasn't laughing. I was right. "Clever boy," She whispered into my ear. "Clever, clever boy. Suppose I'll have to show you now, the lies, death and my baby sister, Erin." Her grip tightened on my neck and as panic rose in me, I couldn't breathe. Struggling and battling for air I sunk into unconsciousness. 

"Erin, please, don't tell anyone what you saw." Agrona was staring into a little girls eyes, she must've been 8. Her eyes wide with terror as Agrona pleaded with her. "But, it's bad." Was Erin's reply. A boy came up behind Agrona, resting her hand on her shoulder, he too knelt in front of this girl. Appearing of a lower rank than the girls, he also pleaded. "Don't tell anyone, then one day you won't keep this secret." Erin looked scared, "What do you mean?" Agrona laughed softly, pulling on Erin's plaits. "One day, I'm leaving this life." Erin pulled away."NO!" she shouted running off towards the house. The house was big in an Edwardian style. Agrona clung to the guy, he brushed her hair back as she stared up at him. "It'll be okay." They grabbed hands to run but company came and he was killed. Agrona didn't cry aloud, instead her tears fell silently. Erin came up to her, "I didn't want you to leave." She looked up to her sister and tried to thread her hand through hers. Agrona pulled back. "Then you will never be rid of me. Even if you live for ever." 

I woke up, no. Erin. I was in a cobwebbed room, dark and damp no one was there. "ERIN" I called "ERIN". Nothing. I was trapped, door locked and no window. 

The End

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