Meet the parents

I gestured for Erin to sit at the spare seat, while my parents watched with gaping mouths. As she sat I ran to the kitchen to get her some dinner. Everyone watched Eribeat, the  atmosphere was tense. Saving us from going mad, my dad was the first to speak.  "So this is why you cooked, Frederick,  to butter us up to meet your guest." My mum shot him daggers as he said guest,  obviously implying her to some sort of whore. I squemed at the name Frederick.  Erin must have caught my facial expression as she was hiding in her meal trying not to laugh. "Erin has no where to go" I explained. She was tired but had no spare clothes so I lent her some of mine. Is it ok for her to stay?" Luckily this tactic worked and my mums expression soften. "Of course she can, love. " turning to Erin she started to chat to her. " Shame freddie never mentioned you. Well teenage boys for you. You know we even couldn't get out his first word till he was nearly three!" Erin laughed and I relaxed as they got on, though cringing at my mum's baby stories. 

Looks like things are going to be okay. 

The End

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