Something is a brewing

"Erin!" I dashed round the beach, she had to be here. I saw it! "ERIN!" I screamed, desperately searching, looking.  
Behind me someone was coughing and spluttering, turning round it was Erin. "Oh, Erin" I was overjoyed, relieved. Till she tried speaking and nothing but blood came out. I pulled of my jacket, wrapping it around and trying to sooth her. "There there, it's going to be okay." Tears welled up in her eyes and as I tried to brush them away she swatted my hand away. 
"Please." I whispered. She looked at me, pain burning from her eyes. Trying to tell me something. But what? I finished mopping her up. Getting the blood from around her mouth, her top. In the end I settled with covering the top with my jacket and putting my arms protectively around her I walked her back to mine. I could feel Agrona watching us in the distance. She did this to her. I could feel the anger bubbling inside me, I had to keep sane, for Erin's sake. 
When we got back to mine I carefully stripped her of her bloody clothes, put them in the washing machine. When I'd finished with the machine, I turned round and Erin was there shivering, blood was in her hair. I grabbed hold of her hand, gently led her up the stairs to the bathroom where I ran a bath for her. She looked bewildered at it. "It's..y'know" I gestured at it. "A bath." She still didn't seem to get it. "You strip again, from your underwear and wash." She still wasn't getting it. "Haven't you had a bath before?" she nodded. "You have?" she nodded again. "Do you know how?" she shook her head. I sighed, this is gonna be fun. I walked behind her. "Can I?" Her underwear looked old fashioned and ancient. She nodded. I undressed her and led her to the bath, she obediently got in and washing her, I felt trust growing-though this was the weirdest thing I've ever had to do. "Stay there" I ordered and ran to get a towel. When she was dressed, I grabbed some of my old clothes, she crawled into my bed. Not wanting to disturb her I went downstairs and started cooking dinner for when everyone got home and they'd have to meet her....

The End

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