Just can't forget

As she ran, I knew she was breaking. That she would crack but I needed sometime to think how, and to work out where she'd run off to. She was always running. 

I decided it was getting late so travelled home, hoping I'd miss out on my parents 20 questions. Slipping to my bed and under my covers I went into the most desturbing dream to date. 

middle of a battle field, in trenches.The smell filling my nostrils as I try not to wretch. The dark night filled with shouts and sudden light blasting. Screams echo Into the emptiness and there's a boy holding hands with Erin, but she's dressed as a guy and weeping silently across his managled body. It would be so much better if he was dead. But he wasn't, he was calming Erin, whispering, as I could see his heart pumping the last few beats. Then Agrona came, laughing maliciously. Grabbing Erin, tearing her from the body. "JAMES!!!" She screamed.

Erin. I'm coming 

The End

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