J. Tebble

As I watched her walk, I decided it would be more fruitful to stay and read the gravestone. It was a war grave, the name etched in stone with date, rank, navy symbol and age. 

J. Tebble
Stoker 1st class
HMS Russell 
28th January 1916
Age 18

1916? The first world war? Erin...she was my age. Trapped in that age? The only thing I could deduce was I that there were no more answers here. Looking into the horizon, Erin was on the floor again. I sighed, knowing Agora would have planned this for me. I didn't want her help. Hadn't she heard me properly? 
Knowing I should leave her, my feet and body decided the opposite. Scooping her into my arms I carried her under the nearby willow tree. No one would find us here, strangely peaceful and a magic in the air. Not the magic of wizards or witches but the magic of nature. Light seeping through the leaves and the bit of water at the bottom of the slight hill. 
I went towards it and started to paddle, sat there splashing my feet I heard her awake. I looked over at her. 

"You've some explaining to do." 

The End

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