Crying Lightening

"Erin." I heard from behind me, the wind stealing the noise.  I curled tighter around the headstone, obscuring the name from his view.  " Erin, please," he tried again, his voice cracking a little. 

Still hiding the stone, I stood, pressing my back to it until I could feel the pressure on my spine.  "How do you know my name?" I answered, staring at him.   Then, my stomach dropped as he dropped his gaze to his shoes, grinding one toe into the mud.  "She found you, didn't she. She found you. Well, tell her its fruitless. I don't even know your name. She can't use you to get to me."  At first, he tried to lie,  and then, eventually, he nodded, biting his lip.

Exhaling slowly, I tipped my head back and addressed the sky. " You cannot use him to reel me in. He's just a boy I knew, he's nothing to me.   You can pull the sky apart, but I will not go to you. "   I pulled a leaf from my hair, and his hand closed around my wrist.   Then, his other hand tipped my head down to his, his eyes fervent.   I ripped my wrist free, and pushed him back.  "Who are you, to come here, to mock me, to gloat with your happiness, and to pull me in, back to her, like a fish in a bag?  "  His jaw set, and a vein jumped in his temple, but he said nothing. " What did she offer you?  Money? Freedom? Love?  Trust me,  you'll see none of the rewards of your labour.  She's only using you as a pawn, a puppet.  You're nothing but a tool to her.  Don't relinquish your power to her. " Then, I pushed past him and walked away, not caring anymore if he saw the name. What did it matter anyway? The dead are the dead. James is dead, and this boy is nothing like him.  And never will be.

The End

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