Don't break even

"ARGH!" I grabbed my hair as she waltzed out the door. Spinning to the floor, I crumpled and let the tears run freely. I was angry. Angry at myself and angry at her. 
I grabbed my sketch book after a while and flicked through the pictures that I'd drawn of her. Tears still coming, still unable to supress them. I grabbed a lighter from my dad's room, his habit could wait. I burned the book, watching it the flames soothed me. 

Then a gust of wind flew through the room, extinguishing the flames. A ghostly figure, tall, with long flowing hair and an armour like the fairy queens from my childhood stories. 
"Tears will not win the war."
I looked at her, instantly the tears subsided. I looked confused. 
"Little boy, little boy. Do you not have one wish?"
I whispered, she looked sceptical. "Maybe" I repeated louder, more confident. 
She smiled a twisted smile. 
"Then help me find Erin." I felt even more confused "The girl" She said impatiently, "Get me the girl" 
Finally I understood, this was Agrona. 
I said, it came out harsh and unwilling. With that I ran, ran to find her. Ran to find Erin. I didn't have to go far. She was in the graveyard clutching a grave, sitting and sobbing. 

The End

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