The calm before the storm

I watched her writhing body, her mouth screaming with the pain. Then, all of a sudden it stopped and she lay on the floor unconscious from the pain. She looked at peace, the most relaxed since I first saw her. The cut on her check was slowly healing and the blood flow had stemmed. Careful, so not to wake her, I picked her up. She was lighter than intended and this threw me back a bit as I lifted her with complete ease. Not like other girls I'd given piggy backs to. 
As I lay her on my bed she muttered. I thought I misheard but she said it again, clearer. 
I grabbed my laptop and looked up the name, sure as modern day technology is, my laptop crashed. I sighed and threw it. It smacked against the wall and a sickening crunch as I lost all my work. I picked up my cello and started playing furiously, getting rid of all my anger at my laptop. The movement of my fingers gracing the strings slowly calming my mood. 
I didn't notice her wake, I was caught up in my playing. The bow moving backwards and forwards. And when I turned she was staring at me, it caught me off guard. 
"Who is Agrona?" I asked "What does it mean?"

The End

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