She was cornered, no where to go. Time to get some answers.
"Who are you?"
No response. Just those wide, scared eyes looking straight into me, burning into my soul. Pleading with me, like an animal. Wanting to be set free.  I sighed, held out my hand. 
"Come with me"
She grabbed my hand, I pulled her in the direction of my home. Missing a few lessons wouldn't matter. We ran through the streets, not out of breath, it felt like flying. As we reached the door to my house I felt a tug on my hand as the girl tried to pull away, as if something was wrong. I tried to ignore it and pull her inside. As I did she fell to the floor, writhing and screaming, hitting and punching herself. Mainly aiming for her head, ripping out her hair and yelling like a wild thing. I couldn't do anything, I just stood there, paralysed. Then to my horror a gash started appearing on her cheek as a voice filled the room, echoing, saying

"I told you what would happen, you got caught out my little songbird." 


The End

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