Victim of my victory

This weeks been a mess, no idea what to do. The girls face keeps swirling in my mind, as well as the cuts and bruises I see on her. 

Biology again, as much as I want to be a doctor, I just can't focus and find myself doodling on paper. After a while I feel the pencil slip as the paper is pulled from under it. "Whose this?" Matt asks shaking it about, followed by "Did you draw this?" I sigh, I never meant to draw in front of people, they wouldn't understand. "Give it back" I hiss, forgetting my cool guy act. I stared hard at Matt, slowly winning the battle till he gave a shout. "OH!" I spun round to see what he was cussing at. There she was, staring at me, the look of a rabbit caught out by a car. Then everyone turned. She got spotted. A panic rose in the room and questions were being thrown around. 

"Who are you?"
"Why didn't we notice you?"
"Are you an alien?"

As she fled from the class, I ran to followed, the cool guy no longer. Victim of my victorious drawings and straight on to hell. 

The End

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