A protagonize tennis: A popular boy is intrigued by the quiet girl with secrets in his biology class. Her hair, always pushed back with a tribal hairband revels her face but her secrets are dark and hidden.

There she was walking down the corridor, head down with her hair failing to hide the front of her face but the sides hidden from view. She was always the same at college, quiet, top marks, and lonely. And her hair, always back in a hair band, a strange tribal one. This day, as always, I watch her walk over to biology. Alas it's the only class we share, luckily she walks towards me a few paces before backing into a corner. Luckily it gives me chance to see her face, the paleness showing in the dark corner. Her dark eyes filled with tears but none escape, with a small cut by her eyebrow that's bleeding slightly, she brushes a rebellious red hair out the way. I wish I could go over and see if she's ok, but the boys won't let me, and I don't want to seem an oddity.I have spent ages building a reputation here. Matt is telling some awful story of what he got up to at the party last night. Graphic, and demeaning to the girl, but lets face it everyone knows she has yo yo pants. 

During biology I stare at her, never really knowing her name. Which is bad, I'll admit, but the teacher never calls it and no one asks her. They just leave her alone. Like she's a ghost. I wonder how she got that cut, who did it to her. Doesn't seem right. "Freddie" a sharp poke hits my ribs. "Ow, Joe" I say and that's it we're having a friendly fight with duff hits that don't hurt us but we make a lot of noise that the teacher looks up. "Freddie, Joe." He raises his voice and just gives us a look. But it stops us. I see Becky look over, she flips her hair over her shoulder and smiles. I know she likes me, but I just don't have time for a relationship, and I don't want one with her. She's pretty, but that stops at the surface. After biology I run to find the girl. But she's gone, just disappeared. Like she was never there. 

Who is she? 

The End

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