The Girl With The Swishy Hair

Not sure where this will go..... bare with:)

First day back to school after a blissful summer holidays! I put on my school uniform, wincing at the polyester scratch of it. My uniform was plain and basic, plain black skirt that swung low round my shins, a short jumper and thick wooly tights.

I looked sensible. I looked frumpy. I'm a skinny, willowy build and a tower height of 5,8 for my 15 years of age. I slung my old grey rucksack on my back a walked briskly round the corner to school. My face was bare of make-up and my hair was wavy, freckles pounding through my pale skin and blotches surrounded a small red spot on my chin.

I commenced my Here I Am, Make Way walk into school but nobody moved and nobody even looked at me, as if I was invisible. I walked to our usual meeting place in the hall keeping my head low, ignoring the occasional jeer from stupid year 10 boys, all I cared about was seeing the girls.

Seeing Frankie, Cat and Bianca was the only thing I wanted to do at school.

Life is good.

Life is bearable.


The End

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