The Girl With The Magic Pinkie

A fun story to read when you're looking for excitement and humor!

Charlotte had no ordinary finger. It was her pinkie; the one finger she had always admired. You see, this pinkie could do outrageous things, which would often get charlotte in to outrageous adventures. It started when something mysterious happened in a cave and… that’s another story. But this story that I’m about to tell you now is one of charlotte’s strangest adventures.

“Students, please make sure you have your lunch, your topic book and your pencil case in your backpack. Now the important thing to remember is blah, blah, blah,” Charlotte stared blankly at Mrs Widows, the muffled sound of the teacher’s voice clogged in her ears. She fiddled with her spotted pencil and doodled on her pink rubber.What is Mrs Widows blabbing on about now?She thought, while twirling about her hair. “Charlotte Henderson!” Mrs Widows snapped. Suddenly the lights turned on inside Charlotte’s brain. She blinked and turned to see her teacher, scowling at her with that same look she always got when nothing was wrong. She sighed.This was going to be a long, hard, day.

On the bus, Charlotte squeezed in next to Ernie and Beck her two best friends. “You better watch out for Mrs W!” Ernie sniggered. “Quiet Ernie! It was just a little warning. Besides, we’re on a field trip today; it’s a day to have fun!” Beck said. Ernie muttered, saying something about girls always complaining, then went back fogging up the glass window and drawing little doodles.

“Got proper shoes?” Beck asked. “No,” charlotte replied, “How ‘bout you?” “Yup! These fancy horsing boots, from that really expensive gear store, nearby the shopping centre.  Absolutely perfect for horse riding!” Beck explained, with a proud smile on her face. “Oh.” Charlotte said, trying to sound casual while staring down at her flimsy old jandals. “So uh, you excited about horse riding?” She said, trying to change the subject. “Of course!  Since I am a professional cause I practice twice a week, I think it’s a good time to demonstrate myexcellentskills.” Charlotte sighed at Beck’s usual showy-offy talk. “I hope nothing goes wrong,” Beck muttered, “Not like last time.” “mmm” murmured Charlotte, fiddling with herpinkie.

“WELCOME TOWEST TOWN HORSE ACADEMY” the sign read. Charlotte glanced at the nearby horses, ponies, and stables. She quite liked the amber-coloured horse, it looked so gentle and graceful. The black one and the speckled white one looked nice and the chocolate brown one looked good too.  Charlotte was just about to put her hand up to ask (This happens rarely) about the grey horse when Mrs Widows started to talk to Raymond .He was jiggling up and down, asking Mrs W to quickly rush to the nearby bushes and do his business, as there were no restrooms at the academy.

  (This is where the action starts, so pay attention!) “Ok Raymond, go stand behind those bushes next to that tree to well, um, tinkle.” The class giggled. Suddenly, Charlotte’s pinkie started to feel tingly and warm inside. Sparkles surrounded the finger.Oh No!Charlotte thought.Mrs Widows had said the magic word! (Tinkle)  her left hand tried to take hold of her right, which was now fizzing and sparking like crazy!Any moment nowCharlottethought,the finger would zap an object and things would go wrong!And let me tell you, things did go wrong! Pow! A blue flash of magic striked a horse, the grey one. NEIGH!! Shrilled the horse, standing up on its two back legs. It abruptly started chasing Mrs W around the track Mrs Widows shrieking in terror! Raymond almost forgot to pull up his pants! The horse galloped around like a madhouse. “AHHHHH!!” screamed Mrs Widows as she landed face down into some you-know what.  SPLAT! Good thing the magic wears off in 2 minutes!Charlotte thought, as the horse slowed down, panting and looking puzzled.

Beck came over and stared in horror at the grey horse! “LOOK WHAT YOU”VE DONE YOU HORRIBLE HORSE!!! YOU’VE RUINED MY NEW SCHOOLBAG! IT COSTS A LOT OF MONEY YOU KNOW, $89.60!!”She stomped off muttering that her new boots had gone all mucky as well.

Mrs Widows looked like she had dove into a chocolate fountain. A frown was creased on her head and there was anger in her eyes. The class tried to hold in their giggles. “As a result of the fact that this trip has gone wrong,” said Mrs W through gritted teeth, “we will be going to the Ice Cream Factory tomorrow.” The whole class cheered.

Back in the bus everyone was busy talking about the trip to the factory. “I can’t wait to taste that new flavour advertised on TV! It’s much better than a boring old trip toa horse academy.” Beck said, she had calmed down a bit. I don’t know, maybe I should stay at home,” Charlotte said stroking her pinkie finger. Beck looked at her like she was weird or something, then shrugged her shoulders and went back trying to rub the mud off her new bag.

The End

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