The girl who ran away from love...

“B eepBeep.Beep. Its six am.”

I groaned as the radio clock turned itself on, and screeched at its loudest. As my eyes struggled to get accustomed to the sunlight streaming in from the windows, Bon Jovi wished me good morning with “have a nice day”. Hmmph! I thought grumpily. Easy for him to say. How do ordinary people like me have a nice day in the middle of a hectic week? But its not for him to know, is it? Just then my phone began its melodic buzzing. Music to my ears at any other time of the day, I was thoroughly irritated by it just then. At my early morning grouchiest best, I said a very groggy hi. But the sheer enthusiasm of my mother at the other end jolted me out of my bed.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY darling! Ooooooh  I just cannot  believe my lil baby is sooo grown up now.”

Now I remember. Happy Birthday me…you’re 25 today! No wonder you feel soooooooo miserable.

As my mother hung up, the radio station belted out “everyday is exactly the same” by nine inch nails. Very true, I thought. Even if it was my birthday, I was going to be at work by nine, and back home to a lonely dinner, as always. No one is to blame, but me? With family half way across the world, friends busy even on weekends, and no steady boyfriend to count upon, I really cant do much else. And so that’s me, single and miserable, as always.



The End

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