The Girl Who Played with The Stars

Note by the author- Ive purposly left it up to you to decide what and hows and all, you decide what to make of it, Im not gonna impose my interprotations on you. Have fun with it, and in comments I wouldnt mind hearing your interpritations!!'ll see what I mean when you read! Thanks!


Her auburn hair fluttered against the midnight breeze, her limbs gracefully stretching to the sky in an elegant, deep dance. Threw the purple clouds and dim twilight, the moon began to peep, she smiled. Her ebony wings reached upwards, glittering in the silver light.

She looked into the blue royal colour of the sky, her golden eyes deep set in her dark chocolate skin. She reached her fingertips to the stars and grasped the smallest one in her palm. She closed her eyes, peace and serenity emitting from around her. The soft, golden light resonated with the beating of her heart. The light grew from a dim glow to a dazzling blaze as it melded into her, colliding with her spirit.

Softly glowing with starlight, her eyes strayed down towards the people bellow her. She looked upon the dwellers of the night, the hopeless ones condemned to roam in darkness, and felt pity flood her heart. Bursting with unfathomable empathy, a single golden tear ran down her soft cheek. In an act of love and compassion, she gave them a great gift. Glittering, she sprinkled star dust into the darkness. Sparkling; it fell upon the people bellow. Some, overcome by misfortune and despair, felt it seep into their bones and heal their aching bodies and crying souls. Others dusted it off their back, snarling, their cruel eyes glancing briefly at the sky, before uttering a disgruntled murmur. She gave to those who wished to receive it, a gift far more valuable than the world on a platter, and left those whose hearts were shrivelled and unmoving; Hopeless…


The End

The End

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