The Girl Who Loved Her Puppy

This is a story about a little girl and her dog/puppy. She loved him so much but sometimes he gets so annoying! oh well, this is her story.
Just so you know this might turn into a Collab!

    "Hercules! Dumb dog!" she screamed into the air. Hercules had run away...Again, "Come here boy!" she started to run around the block in a frenzy, screaming Hercules's name. Her name was Clover. It's a weird name yes, but then again she has weird parents.

  "There you are you stupid puppy!" Clover shoved her hands on her hips in anger. Hercules was wizzing on a firehydrant.

  "I'm sorry, Clover," he whimpered, "I just REALLY had to go!" She raised an eyebrow. Oh, there is something I should have meationed. Either Clover has a very huge imagination or her puppy, Hercules, has magical powers and can speak.

Clover picked him up and brought him back home, where he belonged. Or did he?

The End

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