The Girl who lost her Smile

How even the smallest things in life can bring us happiness...

When you’re on your way home, walking down those many streets with so many houses, and so many lives on them, do you ever stop to think what might have happened there before?
I can tell you a story of something great and momentous that happened on the doorstep of that little red house with the green door that you pass every day. It’s a story of loss, but also a story of gaining something special. Here’s how it goes:
One autumn evening, a bit like this one, a young girl sat on the doorstep in her school uniform, without a key to enter the house. Nobody was home, so she had to wait outside. She was cold and hungry, and no one seemed to give a care about her as they walked on past with their own problems. The whistling wind jeered at her, and Jack Frost nibbled at her fingers, toes and nose.
As she waited, her mind wandered to places that she had once been and people she had not seen in a long time. Soon, this usually happy young girl turned into a sad young thing, only thinking of the bad things in life, and in the cold, dark dusk, she began to lose her smile.
Not long afterwards, a little mouse scuttled past. He was in a hurry, but saw this young girl and stopped to stand on his hind legs, forepaws to his chest in curiosity.
“Hello, young girl!” He squeaked, and the young girl squeaked in response, for she had never heard a mouse speak before, and it surprised her. “What are you doing out here all alone, and without a smile?” The mouse asked kindly.
“I forgot my keys, and there’s nobody at home to let me in. I’ve been here for a while, and there’s nobody at home to let me in. I’ve been here for a while, and noboddy seems to want to talk to me.”
“Well, I’m talking to you now,” said the mouse, “tell me what your favourite thing is about Autumn.”
The girl thought for a while, and then said, “I guess it would have to be all those apples on the trees, and those lovely apple crumbles my mother makes...” With just the thought of this, a warm tingle bgean to grow inside her, so she continued, “I love sitting by the fire with my brother, telling each other stories and singing along to songs together,” she giggled, “he tells some good jokes too!”
“That’s lovely!” Said the mouse. He knew exactly how to find that girl’s smile, and he was going to see it done. “Me, I love gathering the leaves that have fallen off the trees to make our nests warmer. My family and I all snuggle up together as it gets colder, but we’re alright with our extra leaves.”
“For me, it’s so fun to walk through leaves on the ground, and kick them around, watching them swirl around in the wind. Oh, I really do think that’s my favourite thing about Autumn.” The strange, warm sensation inside her had grown, and she began to glow with this magical warmth.
The mouse could see all this, and knew that it would take just one more thing to help her find her smile, and he had just the thing.
“Young girl, I was just wondering if you could help me: I found this heavy thing on my way home today, and I’m having difficulty carrying it. Could you help me with it please?”
The young girl picked up said heavy thing, only for her eyes to widen with amazement. It was her key, which must have slipped outof her bag on the way home. Only a mouse, whose world was a lot further down on the ground than ours, would see it.
She was so overwhelmed with joy that she invited the mouse into her house to warm up, and gave him enough breadcrumbs for himself and his family. Now, every day, you will see her walking to and from school with her little mouse friend by her side, and a big smile on her face.

The End

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