Kalli awoke to the room she had been in once, in what felt like along time ago. She looked at her hand…there was a paint brush. Infront of her was a canvas that was once empty. It now contained a picture of a beautiful eagle. She could hear its distance searing cry. She felt its strong presence well inside her. Kalli remembered well it’s pact with her.

She got up and turned around. Outside the room, the one where all the kids who became adults had long been emptied. Kalli did not keep count how long she was asleep, but clearly she outslept them all by a good long period of time.

Only children had entered that tent, and only adults left.

When the Speaker left the tent to greet her people, Kalli looked up at the sky.

Luna was up in the day time. Sol was up nearby, welcoming his estranged bride. Luna came up, and the two merged.

The Speaker Kalli smiled as Sol welcomed Luna back, even if it was just for a brief moment. All was well.

The End

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