Finding Peace pt 1

She no longer needed to summon the great courage. A burst of excitement and determination vibrated throughout her body. She knew deep down inside this would be her greatest challenge, failure meant possible death and unyielding pain for time and time to come. Everything was at risk here, and she walked on.

She never noticed how big such a place as this was. Kalli recalled the last time she was here, how she walked only a brief bit and then met the leader of this village. This was different, the place itself had an evil aura. It, whatever it was, somehow had a power. She could feel herself losing her senses. Was this a defense mechanism?

Or perhaps, its evil was gathering its strength for the final battle. Yun was intimidated by this. She herself had never seen an exorcism preformed. It scared her so much but she knew she would have to be strong and be backup support for her friend. There was no running away now and she would be a disgrace to abandon the one who saved her life.

Kalli could hear her feet touch the floor and move forwared. She could swear she heard the creaks coming from the walls and the water flowing below. Without a guardian spirit, how was she going to defeat such a menace? She began to doubt herself as she saw the door infront of her. She took a deep breath, after this moment passed, her life would be in the worst danger imaginable.

“You can do it. I have faith in you.” Kalli saw her deer friend nodding her head and then continued, “you wouldn’t be here if you couldn’t. Think of this as just another chore that you have to do. Just another, one of many, a mediocre job that is as normal and mundane as everything else you do.”

“Easy for you to say, you aren’t the one that’s going to fight that thing,” Kalli responded and then laughed. She may not have a guardian spirit with her, but she had intentions, good ones. Those intentions, matched with determination and will, they would slay the enemy. She put her hand on the door with one last feeling of nervousness, and then Lan’s smile fille her head and she smiled as well. She didn’t know why but when she snapped back, the door was already opened. In his bed, the monster slept, dreaming.

“Hello, My name is Kalli, I am here to save you from this punishment.”

“Thank….you will not succeed my dear mortal girl” The voice came from within the body as the leader tried to talk but no more sounds were coming out. Yun out of her own fear, closed the door, thefroe trapping themselves with the beast. She leaned her back against it.

“Please…help….me.” The leader made out. Then came an evil cry, the spirit was not happy that he had little control during the day, but he saved all his energy for this moment however even now he wasn’t in complete control. There was one way though, however it would put him at risk. He hoped this oddly dressed girl would do what she needed to.

Kalli had no weapon, no instrument to channel her energy. Yun realized there was something wrong. “What is it?” Kalli looked around, she had been foolish this time. The thing inside was getting angrier and trying to channel more of its own energy. Parts of the room began to shake on themselves. Her mere presence was causing it agitation.

“I need an item. Something.” Kalli was getting antsy herself. If she didn’t have an instrument to focus and reflect her energy, she basicly walked in, bringing Yun along for the ride, to get slaughtered

“Item?” Yun enquired. Kalli nodded, then tried to elaborate, “Something that I can use, a staff or…”

“How about a weapon?” Yun picked up the dagger she had earlier. Kalli looked at it. It was crude, spoke of violence, blood and death. She hated such a thing. However for this ritual, that was better then nothing. She made a mental note to make a staff of her own after this ordeal was over.

The belief was that a Speaker’s instrument had to bear their efforts. Such with this, the Speaker in question would shape the item with their own hand. This would therefore show that the item was theirs and theirs aLane. This act of ownership allowed the user to manipulate their energies through this item.

And so Kalli knew, she had to make this dagger somehow bear her mark. She grabbed the dagger and stared at it. She then made a small prick in her opposite hand and the item bore her blood. That blood became its mark.

“What do you plan to do…kill me?” The creature then began to go into fits of laughs and hysterics. Kalli took in a deep breath, with her chosen item, her courage collected it was time to go into the final act. She closed her eyes and out came an ancient tongue spoke only by the Speaker and the Divine Ones.

It laughed at her, it did not understand what she was doing. However after awhile the words themselves magically seemed to translate themselves into thoughts he recognized.

“Demon, evil spirit, I summon you to hold court with me.”

The place took a violent shake. At the intensity, Yun sat down and laid back against the door. Kalli pointed the dagger at the possessed body and repeated the statement. Kalli then saw an evil burst of energy rise from the body and everything went white.

She shook her head and looked infront of her. The world turned white, but it was there, staring at her, laughing. She could see a dark red aura come from him.

“You freed me for this moment. But do you honestly think you can stop me. All you managed to do is make me more powerfull. You are too weak to stop me.” The thing laughed again. Kalli just froze. It noticed her hesitance.

At once the aura around him moved to engulf her. He was going for the victory now. Only now did she realize that this was the defining moment. She held forth the dagger and out dispersed a small aura of her own which tried to defend. However, the creatures spirit appeared stronger. The item in her hand felt heavy and began to shake.

She could still hear it laughing at her. “You really are out of your element young girl.”

“You are wrong.” She replied.

“What?” The creature looked surprised. She closed her eyes, and was now breathing. With each breath her own arua was becoming stronger.

Kalli could feel the support of her friend, though horrified, she still believed in her. She soaked it in. She then felt the presence of the actual leader of the village, he too had will to fight. So she fed off of that energy as well. As she closed her eyes and drowned out the sound, the monster did not seem so terrifying.

She opened her eyes and with a wave of the hand, the monster’s evil image disappeared into that of a scared child. She could only guess, but the child appeared to be of a frog in nature. The child appeared angry before her, unaware that it was still just a youngling.

“Who are you?” She asked it. The young thing looked at her with hatred and disgust as if ignoring her. She felt sick to her stomach that someone so young could have so much rage. “My name is Kalli, what is yours?” She tried to reach out to it. Still it gave her the evil eyes. She could feel his sorrow, was that what its anger was really masking?

“My name is Kalli, I believe I can help you.” At those last words, something happened. The child dropped his guard. Realizing this, it tried to refocus his anger again. She had to move quick. “I can help, just tell me what’s wrong.” Again it lost its focus.

A little boys voice came forth, “Go away! Leave me aLane or I’ll kill you!” She wondered if he knew that she could see him, him without his monster form.

“You, you must have died young. Is that why you are so angry?” She could see the boy was losing his confidence. She had broken through his attacks and now she was breaking down his barriers he put up to protect himself. A tear fell down his face. Upon noticing that himself he got angry again.

“I hate you! Leave me!” She shook her head “no.” In their private abyss, she walked closer. He walked back, wanting as much distance from her as possible. She could see it when he shivered as she reached out her hand. He was genuinely scared! This whole time she thought she was dealing with an evil creature wanting to cause havoc when in reality it was a scared child.

She remembered once that her mentor said, “In death, the misunderstood can be consumed by their own feelings. It breeds forth a tarnished spirit that becomes unrecognizable.”

“You don’t have to be afraid of me, I won’t harm you.” The little boy looked like he wanted to trust her then, “No! you lie! You want to dispel me. All you care about is that old one. You just want me gone. I’m not going! I don’t want to go! You can’t make me!”

He didn’t know when, but in his fit and outburst, he felt her arms wrap around him. As he opened his eyes, giant eagle wings cover him like a blanket. Whatever it was, it was a warm feeling that made him feel safe. Then came a strong, warm, voice that he did not recognize. “Now, tell me, what happened?”

The little frog boy cried and relayed his story.

“It was oh so long ago. My parents were killed by people from the other side. So it was just me and my brother. We didn’t have any means to support ourselves and he was too proud to beg in the streets. So we went through the countryside looking for work. Problem was, my family, they had debt to certain people and no one wanted to touch us. Because of that, we never had work or shelter.

“So, to pay off my families debt, my brother decided to join the gang we owed money to and work it off. Before long, his hands were stained with blood. They had him do a lot of dirty work. He would always come home and never want to talk to me. It drove me crazy. I felt like I was aLane in the world. How could he do such a thing to me? I would wonder at night.

“My brother used to always keep me company, would always make me feel better. You see I never had any friends when I was alive. So when he stopped paying attention to me, I grew to hate him and the jobs he would do. You see, one day, I followed him until he killed this nice couple of people we knew for some time. When I saw him do that, I was horrified beyond belief. He didn’t know I saw that, and I never told him.

“However things were getting worse. I didn’t know until later on, but that my brother was doing this all for me. He did it all so I could have a roof over my head. Pretty messed up, right? ‘They’, the gang my brother worked for, said I was a liability one day. Can you believe that? They knew that as long as I was alive, my brother would leave their services when he had enough money, so they sent some of their own to kill me.”

“What happened next, young one?” The voice came from the winged-silhouette of Kalli.

“My brother found out from a coworker who he became friends with. So he came home one day and told me everything. About the servitude, the killings, so one and so forth. Then they came. They thought they could burn the house down with us in it but we escaped. As we made our way, one of them noticed us.

“He told me that they wouldn’t catch us, that we would be safe. I was too busy crying to listen. But eventually I calmed down. We hid in the trees for several days of the nearby forest. Eventually we found out from a group of travelers below that there was a town of people nearby, we figured we could hide there. But it was more complicated then we thought.

We entered the city at night, and wouldn’t you believe it? Half the population was up and walking around. Then they came. Apparently they knew the layout of the land and instead of searching the forest, they made shelter in this place waiting for us to come out of hiding. It was like they knew we would show up. The town didn’t have much of a guard so when we came under attack, only one or two people came to help us. But they didn’t last.

“They chased us to the lake. We found a raft and started for it, this was when there was no houses on the lake. So it was us, by ourselves and then, they still came. The boarded the raft with their own and my brother threw me off so they would get me. He stood his ground trying to fight them off, and I thought he would win, until…I saw the sword that killed him. It blazed with the moonlight of the nonexistent moon. It was as if the world stopped, and then the blade took my brothers life.

“They dumped his body in the lake and then looked for me. I hid behind some floating branches and figured I drowned. They left as if they were never there. Then, as I swam in place, I realized that I had no reason left to live so…I stopped. This spot, right where we stand on, where this house has been built, this is where my body rests, beneath its waves.”

“I am so sorry,” Kalli mourned.

“It was weird, like I never got to go to the other side. I just felt these emotions, like I was abandoned by my own brother, and that my life had no meaning. Time seemed to weave in and out of itself and the next thing I know, this place, was built. I just remember, looking at the guys poor body realizing who he was. He was a person with power, authority and something in me knew I could exact vengeance…on who, I don’t know. I didn’t think about that. It was an open invitation. So I took it.

“I was alive again! I felt new, felt refreshed. The world felt good. Then at night. I saw my brother’s spirit. My rejoicing somehow regained his attention from his watery grave. He vowed then and there that he would make it up to me. But the weird thing was, I didn’t recognize him. I knew in my stomach he was my brother, but everything about him, felt different.

“At night, that was when I was strong, so I used that to call in this ‘Jaff” person. He would be my brothers vessel and he swore he would protect me. He promised me, he would make up for leaving me to die. This time I was in charge of everything. However my brother was stronger then me. I could only be in full control during the night, he however was always in control, never once showed a sign of being someone else. That made me envious.”

Kalli then understood what that meant. “If this is so, your brother is in danger. A friend of mine is fighting him at this moment, should Jaff be slain, you will never see him again.”

“Yun…” Yun looked on as the seeming soulless body of Kalli spoke for the first time in any understandable longuage. Yun got up to her feet. “Yes?

“Stop Lan from killing Jaff. Go now.” The deer at once understood and ran off. What happened next seemed to be a blur to her. She just remembers hearing her own heart beat hard in her chest, and the heavy breathing that followed. At some point in time a door opened and she was outside.

Lan stood his guard. Jaff was becoming almost rabid with each and every attack he thrusted or parried. Lan simply smiled in a tauntingly reply.

“Where…where did you learn to fight like that?” The elder brother’s spirit thought this punk of a human would have been no match for his life’s experience. It began to eat at him, and yet there he stood, spear set in a defensive stance and that stupid smirk still on his face. Jaff’s non eye’s staired at the smear of blood on the blade portion.

Lan realized just how under his opponents skin he was getting. Would be best at this moment to pour some more salt on the injury, so to speak. “Tell me, and be honest, is this the best you got?” Lan got ready, he was sure that at this point, Jaff was about ready to hit him with everything he had.

“Stop!” Lan turned his head to look at who said that. Coming out of the possessed town leader’s home was Yun. Her words reached home in Lan, but not in Jaff. The barrage came and Lan was able to start fending off the attacks. Jaff had the look of pure murder in his eyes that even Lan could feel his hate.

“Don’t kill him, whatever you do. He is the leader’s brother!” The evil left his eyes. Jaff froze, how did she know that? Lan looked, his hands gripped the spear. Should he go in for the kill now? He shook his head, not sure, this was an uneasy pause in the battle. Yun said not to do it, but…He couldn’t make up his mind. And he could see, inside, the elder brother was thinking the same thing.

Jaff then shook his head and realized that for her to know this, his little brother was in danger. He had to kill this boy now! He would not let his brother die…again. Then he turned his attention on that so “innocent” looking deer staring at him.

“Watch out!” Lan pushed Yun out of the way. The blade was about to come down when a brutal kick came from nowhere. Jaff, or the spirit inside, felt the winding pain of the wind being knocked out of him as Er stood up strait. Those brutal hooves of feet forced him back several feet. Lan nodded at Yun, walked up and took a swing with his weapon.

Jaff watched as his own weapon was knocked away from his hand. He tried to move up but Lan stood their, his weapon drawn. There would be no more fighting.

“Please…leave him aLane.” Er took a quick look to see who said that. It came from Jaff’s mouth but was not the voice they had heard before. A tear ran from his eye. It was the sadness of ultimate futility. To him, all was loss, his purpose being here, the pledge he told his brother. All that, like last time, was going to be for naught. Yun approached Lan, “Put it down, the time for violence is done with.” Lan gave one last look that told the spirit inside, “you got lucky.”

The brother felt so depressed then, he felt a tug. His vision went white. Was he going to die again? He couldn’t recall the original death experience, but this was something he imagined could explain this. He didn’t want to die, not like this. He didn’t want to leave his younger brother behind to be so vulnerable. Just as well, he then decided, he knew he failed him anyways. Death was a good means to punish failure.

Then he heard a voice, it sounded familiar, he just didn’t know where. “Come, we have been waiting for you.” It appeared like a messenger of mercy. He heard about them when he was young, they would come and lift a trouble person and hold them in their arms. They had such a powerful energy that it would melt away, quite literally, all their troubles and when they left, the person was like born again with a clean slate.

“Am I, done here?” Was all the older brother could say. He then felt a final tug and realized, he was no longer on the normal plane of the living. The shell he had hid under was gone, he was just there the way he used to look before he died.

“Forgive me, I failed you.” It was the younger brother who said this. Now he realized where he was. Their souls had passed into a realm unreal to the living, and unreal to the passed. Again the younger spoke, “I am sorry, I was the one who brought you here.”

The white brightness began to fade out and he could see. The woman he thought was a messenger of mercy, was in fact… “that girl”. He saw the look in the younger’s eyes, it was of submission. He understood why the other was apologizing. “So, you have come for the both of us?”

Kalli nodded. “I am sorry to do this to you. Truly, I am.” The elder brother began to laugh. “Come now, it’s over for us,” the younger brother looked to his elder with the plea, “its time, I had no idea what we have been doing. This… none of this is us. This isn’t who we were. Being a monster isn’t something I have ever wanted to become.”

The elder brother looked at him. “This is all your fault, woman. You turned him into your slave. My own brother! Your Slave!? Now you want him, after all he went through, to accept it and just leave? You want him to die…again?!””

“Again, I am sorry, however, I don’t think it would be right for you to leave him. He has made his decision. He just wanted to face the afterlife with you by his side. I am not going to demand anything of you. I just ask, you look at it from his prospective.” Kalli then pointed her head towards the younger.

“What perspective?”

“He is scared. He doesn’t know what the afterlife holds, none of us do. But I am sure, that with you by his side, he will at least feel safe. He told me, the only reason you were in that body was to protect him. You didn’t want to lose him again. If he leaves and you stay, then you broke your own promise.”

He understood at once, and upon accepting it, felt the bitterness that was in him start to disappear. Kalli waved the dagger in the air, and then just put her hands on the two’s foreheads. She felt a burning sensation in her hand and the two spirits at once disappeared. The place disappeared.


The End

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