Chapter 3

She wakes up, and a scream rips through her throat, the sound barely registering as she lies there, panting and shaking in the sweat-stained sheets, sighing and getting up, quick to strip the bed and make it up with new blankets, not even bothering with the duvet, just tossing a thick woollen one on.

Fae pads downstairs next. She grabs a bag of pistachios and a granola bar, checking all the locks before grabbing her keys and shutting the door securely, a soft snick echoing when the lock clicked within the wood. Only in her nightgown and an oversized gray university sweater, soft and pliant from when she used to sleep with it on in bed.

That was before the nightmares, and she'd learned to wear the least amount of clothing that she could. The less clothes that need to be washed in the laundry, the better. But lately she's dug it up from it's place at the bottom of her drawer, and had been using it for what she was doing right now. 

She tucks the keys into the underside of the worn-out welcome mat, and walks with steps that can be barely heard, the bare skin of her feet meeting the pavement with an easy contact. She finds herself in the forest once again, Cichy this time. She hasn't left it since that one wandering incident. She'd been grounded for three days, but it wasn;t effective since her dad was never home to enforce it. Too many long nights to deal with a wayward daughter. He loved her, he just didn't have enough time to tell her.

But as her chilled feet met the thick carpet of slowly decaying leaves, she didn't feel scared anymore, no longer resentful or resigned.

She wishes she could stay here forever. But she only walks for a half hour before she decides that she needs to turn back. She leaves the woods with regret weighing heavily on her shoulders.

For what, she's not quite sure yet.

The End

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